How the Internet Has Changed Window Cleaning Marketing

  • The internet has drastically altered our lives. It has also had numerous implications regarding window cleaning marketing.
  • You don’t have to be a genius to appreciate the many ways the internet has impacted our lives. You need to reach into your pockets for your smartphone and think about the possibilities you could accomplish with it that 20 years ago were impossible.
  • It is possible to debate the advantages and disadvantages of these changes, particularly when they pertain to our daily lives. For businesses that deal with window cleaning, this new connectivity could be utilized for your benefit.

Change Brings New Challenges and Opportunities

  • The way in which technology is changing the work environment is definitely a positive for companies. Digital technology makes it easier for companies to expand and discover their specialization.
  • Although these changes could be viewed as positive, they also pose certain challenges, particularly for the cleaning industry at home.
  • We’ve described some of the unique ways the internet has impacted the way that window cleaners market. If you follow the guidelines below, you’ll be able to keep up with the pace of change. There are eight ways in which the internet has transformed the way that window cleaning is advertised.

The Importance of Online Reputation

  • Before the advent of the internet, establishing an image in the community meant doing an excellent job, doing a good deed, helping others, and expressing yourself clearly. The basic principles for building your reputation are unchanged in today’s digital age. Because of technology, the web has a myriad of things you have to consider to maintain the online image of your business.
  • Read on to learn about how you can improve how your business is perceived on the internet.

Website Best Practices

  • In the first place, it’s no longer sufficient to have your website. You require an excellent website that gives customers who visit your site online a positive first impression. Not convinced of the importance? Take into consideration that 70-80% of people investigate a company’s website before deciding to do business with it.
  • Your website has to provide more than just pertinent information about your company. However, it should also serve to make it easy for people to interact with your site. This means talking about what you stand for as a business. Your narrative, your beliefs, as well as your purpose, mission, and any other information that your customers might find helpful. For companies that deal with window cleaning, it could be giving clients information about how windows aid in insulating a home as well as suggestions on how to take care of other parts of the property. It is time-consuming and laborious to create. If you put in the work and your competition doesn’t, this can give you an edge.
  • Your website should also allow customers to make purchases with your site. Booking portals online and scheduling tools will distinguish you from other businesses. They let customers easily interact with you. Take a look. Are the average customer would prefer to write an email, leave a voice message, and then wait for a call from someone about a scheduled appointment? Choose an appointment time and date that suits you in the booking engine for your company online, and then go in your way.


  • Mobile apps are also an essential part of the business of services. Making use of window cleaning software that has a mobile application ensures that your staff has all the information they require about their tasks of the day.
  • It’s also advisable to ensure that you are portrayed in the most favorable possible light on applications that customers use to find local businesses like Yelp!, Angie’s List, and, of course, in internet searches on their web browsers.
  • It is also important to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly and is optimized for the terms used by your company and your area. So, both current and potential customers using their mobiles to search for you will be able to locate you quickly, enjoy a pleasant experience, and are encouraged to contact your company.

Social Media

  • Oh yes, social media. What would we do without it? There are definitely some drawbacks. Also, it can create many opportunities for opportunities, particularly in the window cleaning business, in which a large portion of new customers learn about you via word-of-mouth.
  • This means that you must be active in your social media plan. This could include keeping your various social media pages (e.g., Facebook as well as Instagram) current. Update these accounts with interesting content, and then respond to questions and comments from users, as well as anything they make public about you.
  • When it comes to marketing your window cleaning services, This last aspect is crucial. The idea of having clients upload images or videos of their houses after you’ve cleaned them and sparkled is an enormous positive endorsement. It can help you reach out to potential customers and will help establish and enhance your brand’s reputation. In the end, there are a lot of ways you can make use of social media to benefit your business. It is a good idea to include someone on your team who specializes in social media. They can assist you in using it to increase your business.

Online Reviews

  • We’ve discussed the importance of word-of-mouth marketing for businesses that deal with window cleaning. Review sites online are an integral part of this. The majority of people will utilize these websites in the process of making decisions. That means that you should pay attention to this area of your online presence.
  • Invite customers to write reviews by contacting them after providing them with services. It is also important to react to what customers write about your business. Positive remarks should be a source of appreciation, while negative remarks should inspire compassion and understanding.
  • It’s difficult to prevent completely negative reviews. There are always unhappy customers on the internet. If you are able to respond and find a solution to the issue respectfully, you will keep your reputation clean with potential customers. This is a sign that customer satisfaction is crucial for your business and can increase your online credibility.

Increased Competition

  • The window cleaning business you run has a particular region of service that you are operating within. People are more likely to trust local companies with whom they have a good relationship, in particular because the nature of their business is inviting people from outside to their homes.
  • With the advent of the internet, the trend is shifting. Businesses from other industries are able to hire remote workers and are able to extend into markets you don’t have. That means you’ll have to be even more focused to keep your existing clients and stand out from the crowd. Be prepared for new competition to appear within your industry. Be ready to ward them off by strengthening your relationships and putting in the effort to distinguish yourself both online and in other aspects.
  • Another way that the internet is increasing competitiveness in the window cleaning industry is through the gig economy. Applications like TaskRabbit and offer people low-cost options for cleaning. If you’re not cautious, these could seriously harm your business. Of course, it is possible to make yourself stand out by promoting credibility and professionalism. If you do not develop strategies that highlight the strengths of your company, You could find yourself losing out to cheaper competitors. Don’t compete against them based on price; rather, compete with high-end quality services. Do you have top-quality lifting and safety equipment for windows that are difficult to reach or high-rises? Let’s celebrate that.

Customer Service

  • One way that the internet has impacted all businesses is that it’s set the standard that companies must be accessible to all customers. This could be a major issue when it comes to window cleaners in local companies. However, you can find solutions. For instance, installing live chat or chatbots on your site is an excellent method of attending to customers’ requirements when they contact you outside of normal business hours.
  • The easiest method to answer the questions you receive is to create an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or blog on your site. Customers can access this section of your website to ask any questions they may have. This saves both you and your clients time while providing the best service. Your live chat services can provide the answers that your customers need without the need to type responses to questions that are frequently asked.

Faster Payments

  • The way you handle payment has become a crucial element of the user experience. This is something you must be aware of in the current digital age.
  • The past was when cleaning companies for home use were mostly based on cheques or cash; however, while you may still accept these types of payment, you’ll need to upgrade your point of sale system to ensure you’re able to take advantage of all online payment methods available in today’s market. Digital invoices, once the work is completed, will help cut down on paper and time.
  • Allowing customers to pay via the Internet or in person after the work is done will make the process easier for them, as well as your field team. The speedier payment process is great for window cleaning companies, particularly when it comes to cash flow.


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