How Much Does Office Cleaning Service Cost?

Professional cleaning services provide peace of mind for office cleaning that will help any office. However, professional cleaning businesses charge a fee for their services since they offer the convenience of a cleaner to make sure your workplace is spotless!

Before hiring an office cleaner, think first what percentage of your budget you’ll be required to set aside for these services, based on the work scope as well as how long they will be cleaning your office and whether you will need night shift cleaners to assist in cleaning.

Scope of Work of Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

General Cleaning Services

The majority of cleaning firms offer a variety of services, ranging from general cleaning to deep cleaning. The cost for each service is different, and general cleaning is the light, everyday cleaning required to maintain the cleanliness of the office. General cleaning encompasses but is not only

  • Vacuuming and Mopping of Floors
  • Dusting
  • Wiping Down Surfaces
  • Pantry Clearing
  • Dishwashing
  • Window and Glass Cleaning

These services are intended to maintain the cleanliness of your workplace. However, they’re not substitutes for deep-cleaning. But, general cleanliness is the best way to give a professional impression to clients and employees and also improve the health of your workplace by disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces.

Cleaning is a necessity for every office, particularly during flu season, when the spread of disease is at an all-time high. Cleaning up the office is a great way to get rid of the germs, dust, and dirt that build up every day before they can reach your body, making this essential!

Deep Cleaning Services

A deep cleaning service cleans off the grime and dirt that clogs furniture and textiles. You may have noticed your couch in the office hasn’t been cleaned or washed, or perhaps your carpets are becoming dark gray because of dust that has got into it.

Deep cleaning isn’t your regular cleaning service. They are usually hired every year, every month, or every week, based on the job. Deep cleaning is a vital element of office cleanliness because it eliminates dirt from much more than just the surface. It’s responsible for keeping the cleanliness of your office, both indoors and outdoors!

A deep-cleaning service typically comprises work that requires specialized cleaning skills and expertise, such as cleaning components of the air conditioner, cleaning carpets, carpet shampooing, and many more. The general cleaner may not be aware of how to perform deep cleaning. However, cleaning firms often provide basic and deep-cleaning services for their customers. Deep cleaning can include:

  • Marble Polishing
  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Furniture Deep Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning of Air Conditioner
  • Deep Cleaning of Devices

Office Cleaning Services Rates Singapore: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annually

Daily: SGD 14-25 per Hour

The hourly rate for a daily basis of professional services varies in the range of SGD14 to SGD25, depending on the nature of the job, as well as the service provider you select to manage the cleaning. This may be the most economical option, as your office is cleaned daily! This is essential for offices with large spaces or those that host many clients on a daily basis.

Weekly: SGD 20-40 per Hour

Offices with low-traffic spaces may not require regular cleaning, but they can be able to manage with a weekly cleaning instead. Cleaning your office weekly can be up to SGD 20 to SGD 40/hour since these are not regularly scheduled services performed daily. Cleaning staff will come to your workplace to clean it every week, which is ideal for smaller offices that need only a little maintenance every week.

Monthly: SGD 20-49 per Hour

Certain offices require only an annual cleaning service, and some office cleaning services provide monthly office cleaning services in Singapore. The price for a yearly cleaning service can vary from SGD20 to SGD40. However, it may be higher according to the business and the extent of work. Cleaning services for deep cleaning may differ in cost, so it is best to discuss this with the office cleaner prior to consulting.

The Benefits of Hiring Office Service Cleaners

The main benefit you can get by hiring a professional cleaning company is ease of use. Your staff is usually overwhelmed with work that workers are not expected to manage offices as well as professional cleaners are.

The hiring of professional cleaners can ensure that the employee is solely focused on maintaining the cleanliness of the office. They will make sure the workplace remains clean and clean for the benefit of all employees. Cleaning services for offices are quite affordable, contrasted with hiring a separate cleaning service in-house to complete the work.


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