How cleaning professionals can use Airbnb to generate more revenue

In 2008, Airbnb was founded in San Francisco. They wanted to revolutionize the way people think about travel and achieved this with great success. Airbnb currently has more than 2 million listings in 191 nations. You can rent a room, a house, or even a castle.

Airbnb has opened up many new opportunities for the global community over the past decade. In addition to the opportunity for homeowners to make extra income, tourists can travel the world and enjoy the culture as a local. Locals can also make money offering guided tours and excursions through Airbnb Experiences and Adventures. This has created a lot of opportunities for local businesses, especially cleaning services.

Airbnb’s rating system is the most important aspect that helps build trust between hosts, travelers, and hosts. After their visit, travelers rate each host and hosts rate each other. It can be difficult to live with strangers or have strangers in your home. A host’s rating is determined by their value, location, communication, accuracy, and reliability. The cleanliness rating is perhaps the most important. Airbnb considers cleanliness to be one of the most important ratings a listing can receive. Guests expect the same high standards as full-service hotels in terms of cleanliness.

This puts a lot on hosts! Many people work full-time or don’t live in the same neighborhood as their Airbnb. Airbnb has become a popular choice for residential cleaning services because of this. Although residential cleaning is traditionally considered B2C, it is becoming more B2B as hosts run their own home businesses. This is particularly true for cleaning services in areas with high levels of travel, such as beaches or ski resorts.

These areas can make it very lucrative to remodel your business model, or even start a new cleaning business. If you’re thinking of offering cleaning services for Airbnb hosts in your local area, here are some things to keep in mind.


Many businesses that are located in areas that have seasonal tourism earn the majority of their annual income in this one season. It is important to ensure that you have sufficient resources. During peak season, you may need to double your cleaning staff. You will also be able to do more business with Airbnb hosts when you work with them. A typical residential client might only need services once every two weeks. However, a host might require services twice per week or more. Customer satisfaction is also a key aspect of staying competitive. As a repeat customer, a loyal Airbnb host can make a lot of money. Make sure you train your staff and set a high standard. In our article 7 Tips to Train Maids and House Cleaners, you can learn more about training your staff.

Convenience and Competitive Services

Airbnb property managers will need a different set of services than regular cleaning. Hosts are striving to be “super hosts”, which is a status that requires them to maintain clean and tidy homes. To build a trustworthy reputation and stay competitive, you’ll need to offer additional services. A host may expect more than just professional cleaning between guests. They will also want inventory reports, replenishment of supplies and toiletries, key management, and checks for damage or theft. You may also ask for details like tour guides, welcome notes, clean slippers, robes and fresh chocolates.

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