Gold Cup Horse Racing Hire

Hire the Gold Cup Horse Racing for your corporate event. It’s a popular entertainment option. The Gold Cup Horse Racing is energetic and competitive, making it great fun to both play and watch. You can let your inner jockey loose and enjoy the breeze in your hair while you and your horse race towards the finish line.

You can allow up to four people to participate at once. The goal is to get your horse across the finish line first. To do this, place one leg on each side of the horse’s head and grab the handles on its head. Players will need to make a galloping motion to move their marker onto the track at the sound of the horn.¬†Your horse will move faster if you push harder. The Gold Cup Horse Racing is great fun for all who take part and for anyone watching. You can hire a fun expert to run the Gold Cup Horse Racing; or you can take control of the game and run it yourself.

Which events is the Gold Cup Horse Racing Hire appropriate for?

This activity will amaze you! Your event will be remembered forever because of the incredible response it receives.

  • Nights of Race
  • Evening functions
  • Corporate Events
  • Fundraising Events
  • Shopping Centre Promotions
  • Parties for children
  • University Events
  • School Events
  • Bar Mitzvahs / Bat Mitzvahs
  • Christmas Parties

The Gold Cup Horse Racing Hire:

  • Four brightly colored hobby horses for you to ride
  • Game activated by motion sensor
  • You can either hire a fun expert to run it or do it yourself.
  • It’s great fun to both watch and take part.

Hire the Gold Cup Horse Racing to ensure you don’t get slowed down at the first hurdle.

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