Coronavirus: Disinfecting Services FAQ

Up until 2020, businesses other than those in the Food and Healthcare sector did not give much thought to disinfection services, whether it was for their office, shop, restaurant, warehouse, or government facility. We now live in a world defined by the Coronavirus, COVID-19. Unfortunately, business owners and managers still don’t understand the importance of professional disinfection. Stratus Building Solutions has been providing commercial cleaning and disinfection services for more than 14 years. We hope to answer your most pressing questions.

What are Disinfecting Services?

Cleaning services that use disinfectants are called disinfecting. According to the EPA, a disinfectant can be an antimicrobial insecticide that is used on non-animated surfaces or objects to destroy microorganisms. Hospital-type disinfectants and household disinfectants are separated into two different categories. Commercial facilities that need to be disinfected should use hospital-type products for infection control. This is what Stratus Building Solutions franchisees in the US and Canada do.

The disinfecting cleaning procedures used can vary depending on the facility, tools, chemicals, and even the company providing the service, ranging from deep cleaning, disinfectant fogging, and electrostatic-sprayer dispersal.

Do HAZMAT cleanings in a building require a Coronavirus exposure that is suspected or confirmed?

According to the CDC and OSHA, HAZMAT cleaning protocol is not required for facilities that are exposed to Coronavirus. These organizations have outlined guidelines for professional disinfection using EPA N List chemical products. This includes cleaning services and coronavirus disinfection services offered by Stratus Building Solutions.

Why should soiled areas be cleaned before disinfecting?

It is important to clean soiled surfaces before disinfecting. This will allow the disinfectant to work more efficiently. A layer of dirt, dust, or oil can create a barrier that prevents the disinfectant from destroying or inactivating the microorganisms.

What is the difference between sanitizing services and disinfecting services?

Services that disinfect surfaces use a chemical called a disinfectant. This is any chemical that destroys or inactivates bacteria on surfaces. Sanitation services use less powerful chemicals called sanitizers. These chemicals reduce, but do not eliminate, microorganisms on materials. Sanitizers, sanitizing services, and hospital-grade disinfectants are used best for infection control, like the coronavirus COVID-19.

What are the costs of commercial disinfection services?

As with most services, the price of disinfecting services varies depending on location and service size. The cost can also vary depending on the facility type and potential risks. Pricing for disinfecting services is calculated by square footage. For example, Stratus Franchisees calculate prices based on the square footage of spaces greater than 5,000 square feet. Fees typically range between $.05 – $.10 per sqft. Some companies charge as much as $2.50 for each square foot.

When should I disinfect my business?

A business can benefit from disinfecting services on many occasions. An outbreak is one of these. Regular disinfecting services are beneficial for companies that see many customers or employees on a regular basis. Recurring services are also helpful for facilities such as doctors’ offices and clinics that must be concerned about infection control.

It is vital to disinfect your facility if there has been a confirmed or suspected coronavirus exposure. You know or suspect that an employee or a customer has come into your business infected. It is also crucial for “essential business” to provide services to the public. They need to remain open in order to serve the needs of the community.

What should businesses do to prepare for re-opening after Coronavirus?

Businesses must disinfect their facilities before reopening after the outbreak of Coronavirus. The CDC says that there are not enough data on how long COVID-19 can survive on surfaces. It ranges between hours and days depending on the material. You want to ensure the safety and health of your employees and customers upon their return.

The disinfecting service is only effective until the surface is in contact with human fluids or touch. If you are able to guarantee that no one will be visiting your business during the stay-at-home period in your state, then it’s best to get these services done before the rush is expected once the orders have been lifted.

Consider adding or increasing your frequency of janitorial service. After such a turbulent period, your customers and employees will be grateful for all of your efforts. We can also reduce the chances of the coronavirus re-emerging if we have healthier and cleaner habits.

Stratus Building Solutions also developed a 4-Point Plan for Reopening Your Business to assist businesses in prioritizing their cleaning needs during this unprecedented period.

How can I verify that the right disinfectants are being used to combat Coronavirus COVID-19?

The EPA released List N: SARS-CoV-2 Disinfectants. This is a primary EPA chemical list that has been deemed effective in combating “Emerging Pathogens” or viruses harder to kill or similar to the Coronavirus, COVID-19. The EPA has two methods to verify that the chemicals in your facility have been listed: either by looking for the Emerging Pathogen disclosure/badge or by comparing the first and second sections of the EPA registration number with chemicals on List N.

It is important to know that Stratus Building Solutions uses EPA List N chemicals when performing professional disinfection. Our website contains more information about our services.

If you have questions regarding our disinfecting services, please get in touch with us. Stratus Building Solutions takes pride in being your partner for keeping your workplaces productive and clean, as well as your employees and customers safe during these unprecedented times.

Contact your local regional office for a quote on disinfecting your facility. Recurring services are also available. We look forward to working with you.


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