Commercial Cleaning Cost 2023: Average Rates & Prices

Although these services could need business owners to pay an extra amount in terms of money, they’re more than worthwhile as they will ensure that keeping everything clean and tidy is straightforward if you’ve ever wondered about the typical rates for professional cleaning in Singapore in 2023.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Office Cleaning Service

Better Quality Cleaning

Engaging the professionals of a professional cleaning service guarantees you a thorough and deep clean. If a company is entrusting the cleanliness of the workplace to their employees, the chances are that they’re not able to give it any thought.

Instead of focusing on and committing a few hours to cleaning, workers tend to perform the cleaning tasks distracted and, in a halfhearted way, doing the minimum amount of work to get back to their work and studies. If they seek out professional cleaners, offices get a better quality of cleanliness that busy employees can’t achieve.

Professional cleaners are more prepared to do the task. They have the top cleaning equipment and have been through classes that have prepared them with the necessary expertise and knowledge to handle every stain and mess.

Increased Productivity and Satisfaction

Employees in a clean office space are more relaxed and more motivated to go to work. The work environment at a business plays a vital role in fostering a healthy corporate culture because it makes employees feel that they are being taken and taken care of. These are the little things that count, from regular emptying of trash bins to fresh air inside.

In addition to the pleasure of working in a clean office employing a professional cleaning service to manage the upkeep of your workplace, you’re in the clear of any viruses and diseases that may be lurking without even realizing it.

If a place is regularly cleaned and disinfected, it is less likely to spread disease, and your employees are less likely to submit for sick days.

Factors that Affect Commercial Cleaning Costs

The 2023 average cost of cleaning offices is S$420, up to S$1,500. many variables could influence the cost. Here are a few elements:

Office Size

Naturally, this is among the most critical factors that influence the cost of cleaning paid by the business since the size of the office will affect the time and resources the cleaners will need to use to complete the task.

Because the majority of professional cleaning services in Singapore have their rates based on the area they cover in office space, it’s recommended to take measurements of how long and wide your workspace is to figure out the dimensions of your office in a precise manner to help determine a rough estimate of cleaning cost when you ask for the price list or estimate.

Here’s a table with estimated one-time cleaning costs depending on the size of your office:

Office AreaPrice

from 0 to 650 square feet, S$190

Between 650 and 890 square feet, S$230

From 890 to 1,199 square feet, S$350

1199 to 1,399 square feet, S$400

1 to 1,799 square feet, S$475

1-799 to 2199 square feet S$575

Between 2,199 and 2,799 square feet, S$675

If the space you work in is more significant than the numbers on the table, every additional square foot of space will increase the cost of cleaning by about S$3-$5 per hour.

Cleaning Frequency

In addition to your office’s size, The frequency of the cleaning service can also impact the cost of cleaning. There’s no universally accepted guideline for the frequency at which companies should use these services. Therefore, it is best to look at your workplace’s routine and requirements to determine how often you will require these services.

Professional cleaning services generally provide a set time for each cleaning session, typically three to four hours. The cleaning services also can offer multiple sessions in fixed bundles, which allows companies to save money in the long term.

Here’s a table with estimated prices about the frequency of use:

Number of SessionsHours per SessionsPrice

4 3 hours S$425

4 4 hours S$475

8 3 hours S$850

8 4 hours S$950

12 3 hours S$1,300

12 4 hours S$1,400

Additional Services

While most cleaning companies offer cleaning services for their customers, some clients might want to take advantage of other services not provided in the packages. Most cleaners are willing to alter the prices of their services to accommodate these extra requirements.

Here are a few additional services that you might be interested in:

Additional ServicePrice

Cleaning company to supply cleaning supplies Additional fees of S$30- S$90, based on the type of materials provided. Cleaning companies may request clients to sign additional agreements.

Cleaning session during weekends or holidays Cleaning service may increase the cost of cleaning by 20 percent.

Extra time after the allotted session Cleaning companies might charge an additional fee. Acceptance of the cleaning company is subject to the discretion and availability of the cleaner.

A Trusted Office Cleaning Company in Singapore

Luce Office understands the importance of high-quality cleaning and maintenance, and we will do our best to keep your office sparkling. Our skilled and knowledgeable cleaners are proficient in managing any mess with care, speedily and consistently.

With rates of just S$11/hour and no hidden costs, Luce Office is dedicated to providing the highest-quality cleaning services to ensure your business is efficient and healthy.


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