Cleaning Express is delighted to announce that we have become an accredited Living Wage Employer. This means that all members of the staff here at Cleaning Express will earn the Living Wage or a higher wage going forward.

What is the Living Wage?

The actual Living Wage is much higher than the minimum wage set by the government, also known as the National Living Wage, and is an independent calculation of the hourly wage that is based upon the expenses of life. It is calculated every year and made public in the Living Wage Foundation as part of Living Wage Week. It’s currently PS10.90 across the UK, and the higher rate that is PS11.95 for London due to the higher cost of living in the capital.

Cleaning Express has joined over 12,000 other organizations, paying the true Living Wage because we believe that hard work deserves a fair and equal day’s wage.

What does this mean for our employees

It is a fact that the Living Wage movement has helped many thousands of households across the UK by allowing people to earn a salary that they can live off. It lets them concentrate on one job and earn a consistent income that they can count on. This means they will be able to put in the hours, be money for their efforts and have plenty of time to spend time with their family.

What does this mean for our customers

Anyone who is a customer of Cleaning Express can be safe knowing that the staff cleaning their homes frequently are properly compensated for their efforts. And, of course, any office personnel you meet within Cleaning Express.

Cleaning Express is committed to providing living wages to all employees who will be employed in the future, in addition to amazing training opportunities and the chance to advance within the company. Thus, you can be sure that our staff is taking advantage of our training classes and other benefits we provide, as they are compensated at the level of Living Wage or higher. Our goal is to ensure that we provide the best cleaning standards in London, which is our next move towards making sure this is possible going forward.

What does this mean? What does it mean for Cleaning Express

Cleaning Express learned very early on the importance of caring for the employees; the staff takes responsibility for our clients. The next stage is making sure that our employees are well taken care of and treated with respect. This ensures that the expansion that Cleaning Express is backed by all of our employees and has allowed us to grow so far.

Cleaning Express is in an extremely exciting period of expansion and growth. However, we’ve never lost the fundamental values that we hold dear to us. Being a Living Wage-paying employer will ensure that the core values of rewarding hard-working, excellent employees will be maintained throughout our business as we expand. We are very satisfied with this decision and what it means to our employees and customers.

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“I feel very confident in our industry and how we responded. I think our industry, in my opinion, responded very well. I don’t think anybody could have ever been prepared for what we’ve been through. The fact that we were all going through the exact same thing at the exact same time has truly never, to my knowledge, happened before,” said Glen Harris, owner of Harris Services in Bloomington, Indiana.

The majority of companies that participated in this study consider COVID-19 as a potential opportunity. However, there were difficulties, from a dip in revenue and business to issues with hiring and supply chain problems caused due to the increasing demand for decontamination and disinfection services.


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