15 Ways to Market Your Cleaning Business

A smart marketing strategy can help you decide the best way to reach out to your potential clients and find information about which strategies are most effective.

In order to develop an effective marketing strategy for cleaning services, you must first define your brand, communicate it to the public, and deliver your services. Understanding marketing tools can help you expand your business and grow your network.

Table of Contents

  • What is marketing?
  • The Four P’s in Marketing
  • Create a Cleaning Marketing Business Plan
  • 15 ways to market your cleaning business
  • The Bottom Line

What is marketing?

The processes define marketing or approaches you use to market and sell your company. It involves sharing your product or services with potential customers, clients, or the public in order to expand your network.

While sales and marketing are complementary, the two do not have to be interchangeable. Sales conversations can begin with a clearly defined marketing goal and strategy. However, you must first develop a marketing plan before you start selling your business.

The Four P’s in Marketing

Understanding these four cornerstones can help you create a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Buy the Product

In general, a product is a tangible object, but here, it can be a good or service that you’re trying to sell. You can promote your cleaning company better if you understand and identify your niche.


Decide where you will begin to offer your services. Pricing that is consistent and clear will lay the foundation for service agreements and client negotiations.

Promo Codes

Promotion is a well-known aspect of marketing and includes many elements that will help you communicate your message.

  • Advertisements
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Public Relations
  • Email marketing
  • Google Adwords is a form of search engine marketing
  • Video Marketing

These outlets and tools, when used correctly, can help you to spread your message.


Marketing for cleaning services can be optimized by understanding the types of clients you want to reach. Place refers to the online and offline locations where you plan to sell your products or services.

Create a marketing cleaning business plan.

A comprehensive Marketing Plan can also help you to establish the goals and missions of your cleaning company. Determine which cleaning services you will offer, whether your business is a commercial or home cleaning service, and what goals you have for marketing your business.

A marketing plan for cleaning will help you determine your target market, how to advertise your cleaning services, and who your competitors are. Create a marketing plan that works on your own. You should include an overview of your company, along with specifics like your goals, who you are, and your promotion strategy.

Marketing Your Cleaning Business: 15 Ideas

  • Learn Your Audience

Research who you want to reach with your marketing for cleaning businesses. You may want to target a certain area or a particular type of business owner. You can also establish your target audience by looking at who your competitors are communicating with. In marketing, identifying your target audience is what you do to learn about your audience.

Understanding your target audience’s demographics (age, gender, and location) can help you create a more relatable message.

  • Create a Brand

You will stand out from the competition by creating a logo that you can use in your communications with clients and the public.

It is important to create a logo for your business. Imagine McDonald’s or Pepsi. You may immediately think of Pepsi or Golden Arches. Your logo for your cleaning business should be easily recognizable and relate to the service you are selling.

You want to limit your color options to just a few that you can use in all of your communications. White and blue colors are associated with calmness, cleanliness, and purity. Orange and yellow colors are more cheerful and optimistic.

  • Create a Conversion-Focused Website

You must provide contact information and your services. When you start a new cleaning company, whether it’s a Carpet Cleaning or a regular cleaning service, it’s just as important to gather email addresses and contact details from visitors. Add visitors to your newsletter or email list. This can help them become regular clients.

Here are some websites with conversion tools that you can use to maximize your return on investment.

  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress
  • GoDaddy
  • Investing in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Use digital marketing strategies such as pay-per-click advertising to drive traffic to your cleaning business’s website. Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and other websites offer paid plans to prioritize your site over the competitors’ websites when people search for house cleaning, office cleaning, or any other service you provide.

  • Utilize Social Media

You can market your cleaning company better if you understand how social media works.

  • Facebook– Facebook allows you to easily create a page for your business and get users to follow it. You can also post your operating hours and services provided and run Facebook ads from your business page. Customers can review your Facebook page, and the more positive reviews you receive, the more likely it is that potential clients will find your page.
  • Twitter– Twitter also allows you to create a business profile. A Twitter business page will enable you to run paid ads to reach more customers.
  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is an online platform that allows you to advertise job openings for free. This is a good way to promote your cleaning company.
  • Instagram — Instagram is the most popular platform for social media influencers. These people have a huge following and are paid to promote products and businesses. Influencers will work with you to help promote your cleaning company.
  • Investing in CRM Software

CRM software allows you to schedule, track, and manage your clients more effectively and efficiently. You can also store their contact information and use it for marketing house cleaning.

The software provided by WorkWave enables you to maintain a database of customers easily, send estimates and quotes, schedule appointments (both one-time and repeating), and assign work orders for your staff.

  • Build Your Email List

Today, email marketing is very popular. But there’s a reason. Email marketing is an inexpensive and quick way to reach out to your audience. As we mentioned, one of the best methods to expand your network is to create a conversion site to collect information such as email addresses.

You can buy email lists to increase your reach beyond the people who have visited your site. You can purchase lists from companies like ZoomInfo with exact data and sleek notes based on demographic information. This will improve your marketing for cleaning services.

  • Network

It is important to have an online strategy and to advertise effectively, but also to meet with potential clients in person. Establishing a relationship with potential clients can lead to more customers and referrals.

Join the local chamber of Commerce to meet professionals in your city or town. You may gain new clients from them, or they could add to your network. Participating in community events can be a great way to build a network and meet potential customers to help you market your cleaning company through word-of-mouth.

  • Maintain Your Reputation

It is crucial to have a business with a good reputation that people can trust for marketing commercial cleaning and home cleaning. By implementing best practices, you will increase the number of referrals and return customers for your cleaning business. Listen to the needs of your customers and make sure that you and your employees work to meet those needs.

The best way to establish a customer loyalty program and grow your network is by ensuring that customers are satisfied. This can be achieved by being honest and transparent with your customers and employees. Your employees are also a great way to advertise your cleaning company.

  • Think Outside the Box

Consider using innovative marketing techniques to attract potential clients. You may already have a Facebook page and a website.

  • Transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard. Branded magnets can be purchased for your car and the cars of your employees. This marketing strategy will make you more visible on the road and to people, you may have never seen before.
  • Buy door hangers and flyers for your cleaning business in the local neighborhood. It is not legal to place flyers on private mailboxes. However, you can put them up on doors. Door hangers will not fly away as easily and can be used to promote your cleaning business.
  • Display Your Business Cards at Local Businesses Many small businesses, such as gas stations and restaurants, will let you display your cards for free. Ask local business owners if they can offer you some free promotions.


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