The MY MOVE Team’s Top Trash Cans

Some things, like prom dresses or Myspace profiles, are best left behind. Moving is the best time to start afresh. It’s better to find a trash container you will love for many years than make an emergency trip to the grocery store on a moving day.

What’s not to love about a trashcan? According to the MY MOVE staff, there are many things that trash cans have to offer. Our coworkers were asked to share their top trash cans, and they raved about bag dispensers, opening mechanisms, odor filters, and more. One employee loved their trash can so much that he bought two.

These six trash cans are perfect for anyone who wants the best features and a place to dispose of the garbage.

The Simplehuman Rectangular Step Can have been a big hit in the trash can industry. Wirecutter and Insider voted it their top trash can, and it’s easy to see why. The lid is sealed tightly to prevent unpleasant odors from entering the can.

iTouchless specializes in motion sensor bins. It can be powered by four D batteries, which last approximately two years. You can also plug it into an electrical outlet. To open the lid, wave your hand around the area. The iTouchless will automatically close once you are done. (Abracadabra optional.)

The Brabantia Bo Touch Bin is an excellent option if you don’t want stainless steel overload. Many models are available, with some even having separate compartments to sort recyclables and trash. It also has a space underneath the bin so you can collect any “tumbleweed” dog hairs that may be left behind in a trash can.

This trash can is another hands-free option from iTouchless. It has “winged” doors rather than the standard single lid. You can switch on the lock to make sure your pet doesn’t go in the trash.

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