ProTeam Goes Cordless with the GoFree® Flex Pro II Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

 Emerson, a leader in productivity, safety, and innovation, announces the launch of ProTeam’s cordless commercial backpack vacuum, the GoFree Flex Pro II. This 6-quart unit offers professional cleaners versatility and comfort through its cordless efficiency.

Matt Reimers is vice president and general manager of ProTeam, Emerson. He said: “The GoFree Flex Pro II cordless cleaner was designed with the end user in mind.” We know how hard it can be to clean and vacuum, and we are excited to introduce a product that is not only comfortable but also adds a whole new level of freedom.

Enjoy enhanced productivity. The GoFree Flex Pro II allows users to move more quickly and safely between workspaces because cords do not tether them. The vacuum also features a power switch for tackling daily cleaning tasks and larger, messier tasks like collecting large dirt and debris. ProTeam’s cordless backpack vacuum has a longer runtime- 106 minutes at low speed and 75 minutes at high speed.

Discover comfort. ProTeam vacuums are designed with ergonomics in mind. The GoFree Flex Pro II uses the FlexFit(r), an articulating harness that the company patents. The saddle responds to the movement of the user’s shoulders and back, which increases comfort and reduces tiredness. The triangular vacuum shape conforms to fit the user’s back and helps minimize contact with doors or walls. Meanwhile, the open weave fabric of the harness dissipates heat when in use.

Breathe easier. GoFree Flex Pro II offers advanced filtration through its ProLevel(r) Filtration System. Four levels of filtration are used in this multi-layer system to reduce indoor allergens, asthma triggers, and other pollutants. The unique ProTeam suction-vacuuming method helps clean carpets and hard surfaces without stirring up dust, which helps keep the air cleaner. Furniture also collects less dust, and operators are able to work without inhaling unhealthy air.

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