Making Sense of Office Cleaning Prices

Is It Time For a Change?

You’ve decided it’s time to upgrade the cleaning services at your office, so you go out to find a few quotes. It is possible to get anything from a cost based on square footage and not having any other information about your business to a cleaning estimate for your office which draws from many different areas to come up with a non-related cost. These odd and often false quotes result from a need for more knowledge. Some firms deliberately lower the price of cleaning your property to make it appear more competitive, only to add hidden fees and charges to recover their costs afterward. Commercial cleaning needs precise costs. Consistent pricing and more apparent office cleaning estimates are challenging to organize and obtain the services you require for your business.

What You Can Do to Help Your Prospective Cleaning Company

The first step towards the most precise Office cleaning bid is to provide accurate details. This is by providing relevant and accurate information about your business. For example:

  • Offering more than just the amount of square footage in your property, breaking it down into floor types since various floors need different levels and styles of service that could drastically alter pricing.
  • Precisely describing the number of bathrooms.
  • It is essential to know how much traffic various areas of your business receive and what times of the week they experience them. This will determine the amount of maintenance each section requires and helps you refine your offer.
  • Depending on your building, the number of items like soap, toilet paper, and trash liners you go through regularly or every week assist your potential commercial cleaning service to give you an accurate estimate and better prepare to serve your facility.

These bits of information will help the prospective office cleaning service to create the perfect bid that reflects the requirements of your business instead of a guess in the dark.

Avoid Office Cleaning Companies That Don’t Do a Site Visit

Another essential aspect of getting an accurate bid is to inspect the site. If you need a thorough look at your home, how can a company be expected to come up with a precise request? The most significant warning sign is any business that doesn’t schedule an inspection of the premises as they believe it is unimportant. A site visit also gives them a thorough idea of the space they’ll be working in. Still, it also allows them to get questions answered, offers details on how they’d like to approach specific areas, and lets you get a glimpse of the tiniest details regarding the inside of your facility. On the final day, inspecting the site is the best method to maximize your budget and find cost-saving areas for your commercial cleaning expenses early.

Slashed Budgets Don’t Have to Spell Disaster

smaller budget for cleaning can make it appear that office cleanliness is beyond the reach of most people. We see too often businesses trying to manage with a severely limited budget and trying to come up with a cleaning program. Although a less-than-optimal budget may be better, it is possible to work with, particularly in conjunction with, an experienced and efficient Office cleaning company. The key is determining where it makes sense to cut back on services and when it isn’t. To accomplish this, you must collaborate with a professional service and be aware of what tasks need to be completed and what is easier to complete without compromising the quality of your cleaning. You can design an effective plan for cleaning to fit your budget. However, working with more prominent cleaning firms that can benefit from purchasing power and volumes is easier.

Don’t Ignore Your Pain Points

Similar to the site inspections and saving money, the importance of pain points to understand in your prospective office cleaning service. Suppose you’ve experienced issues with your previous cleaners for your office. In that case, it is essential to communicate the topic to the cleaning service you’re considering because this is why you changed! Identifying the most problematic problems before they get out of control is crucial for ensuring everything runs smoothly. Why should you wait for a trial to surface when you can proactively address it?

Use the ISSA’s CIMS Certification as Your Starting Point

We understand it is difficult to obtain the service you require at a reasonable cost; however, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and you shouldn’t quit. It’s not the case that every office cleaning service provider will perform the task; however, it is possible to complete it with the right expertise and resources. The combination of years of expertise, ingenuity, meticulous planning, and a well-executed follow-up will be the key to success in terms of the quality and effectiveness of cleaning your office. It might seem like a difficult task to locate an office cleaning company like this; fortunately, someone has already completed the study. This ISSA’s CIMS, as well as CIMS-GB accreditation, is a dependable and rigorous accreditation program for the industry that assists those looking for a new cleaning service to identify the companies that can offer efficient service and genuine value. A janitorial service that meets these strict standards has already established itself above the rest and could be an excellent option to begin your search. There is no guarantee that every CIMS-certified business will be the right choice for you. However, they are guaranteed to be responsive and consistent and will give you the most value for your money.


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