Improving clients retention at your house cleaning company

To be successful and to maintain that success, every cleaning business must do two things. Successful housecleaning companies find new clients and keep them. Many cleaning companies struggle to retain clients who require their homes cleaned. Maintaining customers ensures that your cleaning business is stable for the long term and gives you multiple avenues to get recommendations. To run a successful cleaning business, you need a steady stream of regular customers. Here are some tips on how to turn new clients into loyal customers.

Set realistic Expectations

Establishing realistic expectations for cleaning is a great way to demonstrate honesty and create long-term customers. Do not overpromise, and be honest about what you are capable of. You should inform your clients about how you clean and ask them what they expect of the house cleaners you hire. This will ensure that everyone is on a similar page. Create a client checklist and service terms to define clearly what the client expects. In terms of service, your cleaning company should state what they will clean and how.

Do not confirm online bookings before you have spoken to the client on the phone. Ask them if they’ve ever used a cleaning service for their home and ask about their experience. This question will help you determine what they expect. Let them know the best way to clean their house based on what they are willing to pay and what you will deliver. Last but not least, meet the expectations that you have set. Following through with what you said will help to retain a client for a long time.

Follow up on multiple cleanings.

Follow up with your clients to find out how they felt about the cleaning job your team performed. Send the client a brief survey, and let them know that it is an important tool for improving the cleaning experience. Do a first clean follow-up phone call. You should call the client back if they don’t answer. When they do, you can learn about what your team has done well and what needs improvement. Listen to the constructive criticism of the client, and fix it if you can. It is reasonable to ask for more time and effort in cleaning the floorboards but not to groom a high ceiling.

The first phone call should come right after your first cleaning, the second after a month, and the last within six to twelve months. By asking for feedback, you show that you are interested in the client and willing to fix any issues.

Cleaner consistency

The most important aspect of cleaning is consistency. Each person cleans differently, and clients get used to certain standards. Clients will notice if their house is washed differently. If a client tells you that they enjoy a certain cleaner, you should assign them to their home regularly. Your cleaning staff must establish a relationship with clients and provide them with house cleaners who know what they need. Your client is more likely to remain with you if they trust the work of your cleaning staff.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Asking a client why they want to leave is not a sign of arrogance. Instead, negotiate with them what you would like to see in return. Negotiate a lower price or offer an additional cleaning service or an extra room. If you can keep them, it’s better not to lose them.

Your cleaning business will find success if you keep your clients. You can grow your cleaning business by maintaining a steady stream of clients. Set realistic expectations and follow up on feedback. Provide a high-end, consistent cleaning experience. If you follow these steps, your cleaning business will be able to increase client retention quickly.

Chris Willett founded Alpine Maids. The company prides itself on hiring the best staff in Denver, Colorado, to clean your house.


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