Get rid of these lousy bathroom cleaning habits

Our series has inspired you on bad cleaning habits to transform your kitchen cleaning. Don’t stop there. We’ve got the basics down, so let’s move on to the most challenging cleaning task: the bathroom. Let’s discuss five bad bathroom cleaning habits you should avoid in 2020.

Cleaning what you clean is not cleaning

Your shower does a lot. Let’s give it credit! It isn’t a miracle worker. Although it cleans your house, it still needs you to do the cleaning. Spending hours sweating while trying to clean the walls every few months is possible. Or you can go the faster, easier route. It would help if you wiped down your walls every shower, at least every few. Bam! Your proactivity is unmatched by soap scum.

A second tip to keep your shower clean is closing the curtain. Close your shower curtain. No, that’s it. The curtain can be closed to allow air to flow through its folds, allowing it to dry faster and avoiding mildew.

Speaking of your shower curtain: When was it last cleaned? And what about your liners? Don’t panic! It’s easy to fix most curtains and liners by running the washer on a gentle cycle.

Towels being tripped on

Do you pick up towels from the floor when cleaning your bathroom? You need to do it better. Bad bathroom cleaning habits are limited to cleaning. It is also essential to clean your bathroom. You can get mildew growth if towels are left on the floor.

Another option is to use a hanging rack if you have limited space. You can add ten minutes to your next big bathroom clean by placing peel-and-stick hooks along your door or wall. These hooks are not cheap plastic. You can choose from modern designs or stunning finishes to get the hookage you want without ruining the design of your bathroom.

Use one disinfectant wipe

You can clean your bathroom with disinfectant wipes. These wipes are easy to use, can kill bacteria in your bathroom, and can be easily thrown away. Let’s start with a disclaimer. We are all about reducing waste. Your bathroom is not a place to cut corners. You can spread bacteria if you only use one disinfectant wipe in the bathroom. One little square can’t do everything!

You want to make sure that you are using enough wipes. If the wipe is still damp enough to allow the surface to dry for a few minutes, it has enough disinfectant to complete the job. If it isn’t, it’s time to get a new square.

Do not prepare rugs

When you get out of the shower, are you greeted by a plush bathroom mat? This little extravagance is something you should take notice of. Water can damage grout, stain tiles, and cause wood to warp. Water + flooring = bad. Invest in a bathroom rug to protect your floors and make cleaning easier.

You can throw the bad guys in the washer whenever you clean your bathroom. Give your rugs a second wash.

It is not possible to clean it thoroughly

Bad bathroom cleaning habits will immediately come to mind when you think of how you clean your toilets or disinfect your counters. All parts of your bathroom need to be cleaned.

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