Do you need a deep cleaning?

You just moved into your new apartment or home. You might feel overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be completed. There are boxes to pack, intelligent home security systems to install, flat-screen TVs that need to be mounted, and furniture to assemble. You want your home to sparkle immediately. Amazon has you covered with its Amazon Home Services division which will directly send someone to your home to inspect and mark off any items on your honey-do list.

Although you might need to become more familiar, the service has been around since 2015. Amazon has been creating an extensive network of professionals and experts across the country ready to help you with any chores you give them.

What can Amazon Home Service experts do to help you?

Amazon Home Service offers a variety of services. Their most popular service is tech-related tasks such as optimizing your WiFi router or installing intelligent thermostats. Amazon also provides manual labor-related professionals like electricians, plumbers, and electricians. You can order some of the most popular tasks here:

  • Mounting a TV on a wall
  • Home theater and surround sound
  • Set up smart remote
  • General assembly and assembly of patio furniture
  • Yard work
  • Home Improvement
  • Moving out cleaning
  • Moving in cleaning and general cleaning
  • Handyman per hour

What is the cost of a handyman by the hour?

Amazon allows you to get quotes for home services before you order instantly. You can enter your zip code and check out what you might need to get an instant quote. A handyperson who works in your home for approximately two hours and uses a step ladder will cost around $200, depending on where you live.

Amazon claims that the handyperson can perform multiple services in the time given. Many services are available, but the most requested include hanging shelves, baby-proofing, wiring home theater components, and repairing drywall. The page even estimates how much time is needed to complete each task.

What is the cost of a move-out clean?

Moving out cleaning can be pretty detailed because everything must be cleaned: baseboards and cabinets, lighting fixtures as well as door jambs, blinds, and window sills. Also, the tops of cabinets and refrigerator interiors need to be cleaned. To find out how much a move-out cleaning for a house or apartment of up to 1,000 sq. feet costs in your area, visit the Amazon Home Services page.

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