Disinfection Tips for a Cleaner, Safer Floor Care Plan

Because of the high volume of pedestrian traffic and continuous use of commercial spaces is often seen as a waste of time. There is an increasing awareness that harmful superbugs can be found almost everywhere, including on floors. This is why several facilities are paying greater focus to cleaning the floor to limit the adverse impact on guests and the cost related to harmful bacteria.

To ensure your facility follows the guidelines, knowing how contamination could be caused and the solutions that can help prevent it is crucial.

Most cleaning staff clean counters, railings, and dispensers to avoid cross-contamination. However, floors can be affected by contact with footwear, spills, and even airborne bacteria. Because pathogens can exist anywhere, it’s crucial to be aware of how they could be transferred from floors or spread across other essential surfaces.

It is crucial to be aware that pathogens could spread through air or contact. Therefore, although floors aren’t considered highly touch-sensitive surfaces, they are still a hotbed for bacteria if they need to be cleaned appropriately.

To prevent the spread of germs, there are a handful of essential items that every facility manager should utilize to wash floors efficiently and effectively, including dusting equipment, disinfectants, and mopping.

Tools for Success

Dusting is the most crucial step in any floor maintenance routine. When selecting the best clean products, the staff must use equipment that captures, collects, and eliminates dust, dirt, and hair instead of tools that distribute the debris. 3M(tm) Simple Trap(TM) Cleaner & Dust Sheets have been made to collect and hold up to 8 times more dirt, dust, and sand than a standard flat-fristed cotton dust mop. They’re double-sided to increase efficiency.

To disinfect, 3M(tm) MBS Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrates offer a simple process for cleaning personnel to rapidly disinfect a surface due to the product’s five-minute dwell time is ideal for heavily used areas. It has also been proven effective against various microbes like Norovirus, MRSA, and VRE. If C. diff exists, 3M(tm) C. diff Solution Tablets are a tested and adequate substitute for bleach or peracetic acid-based disinfectants.

This Scotch-Brite(TM) Professional 2 in 1 flat Mop of 3M(tm) cleaning and washing floors can be described as a multi-functional and comfortable solution. It has ergonomic features that aid in cleaning fatigue and an easy-to-use chemical dispenser that allows you to quickly and precisely apply disinfectant and cleaner onto the floor. It also comes with 3M(tm) Easy Clean Disposable Floor Mop Pads. Switching the disposable pads of the mop from one room also prevents cross-contamination and helps maintain cleanliness.

A streamlined and efficient floor cleaning and disinfecting plan with each of these components will aid facility managers in creating surfaces that are fresh and safe to touch. To learn more about implementing a successful cleaning and disinfecting program for floors, click here.

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