Deep Cleaning Your Home

When it’s time to do your deep cleaning of the house, there are some very important tasks you may often forget. Which are they and why they are so important, learn from the article below and try to pay attention to them the next time you deep clean your house.

What we should know about deep cleaning is that is included almost everywhere in your house – from the floors to the ceilings. However, there are cleaning chores that are not always possible to be done by one person only such as pulling the furniture and moving them back to their places, scrubbing the windows and so on. But it is even more important to not miss the small places and tasks. According to professionals from cleaning companies, there are several areas that people often forget to clean when deep cleaning their homes. Some of these areas are so obvious that you may think how I miss them really? Let’s find more information:

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Telephone. It is one of the dirtiest appliances that has so many microorganisms that may truly surprise you. And do you clean it regularly? Do you know how much grime it attracts and are always people talking on it with clean hands? So, wipe it regularly with a cloth dipped in ammonia and it will look like just as a new one.

The top of the refrigerator. Probably most of us are shorter than the refrigerator, so it is possible to forget about wiping its top. Next time, take a removable chair, step on it and wipe the refrigerator down.
Window tracks. No matter how often you open your windows, there is accumulated dust and dirt in their tracks. Domestic cleaners advise you to clean them regularly and always when you clean the windows. It is appropriate to use a mixture from soap and water and an old toothbrush for scrubbing.

Whether it comes to deep cleaning or regular house cleaning, there are a few places that are important and notorious dirt collectors, but we forget about them and they are often neglected. They don’t consume too much efforts, you only need to consider them and put them in your cleaning checklist, so you can’t miss them the next time you are cleaning your house.

In the first part of the article, there were mentioned the first three often missed places in cleaning, and here are the other ones. As deep cleaning services advise you check them often and keep them clean, so you can live and raise your children in a healthy home environment. So, here are: Ceiling fixtures. They are often ignored when people are cleaning their homes, because we tend to pay more attention to the light fixtures and miss these ones. For cleaning them, you need to remove the glass shade and wash the inside of it with a cleaning mixture that consists of soap and water.

The top of the curtain rods. They easily attract dust and should be cleaned at a regular basis with a solution from mild ammonia. Open the drapes and wipe them down with a cleaning cloth dipped in these solution.

As the previous ones, we often miss the tops of the shower curtain rods, too. House cleaners recommend to use green cleaning for them. A good ecologically friendly cleaner that we can found in our kitchens is the vinegar. Add enough amount of elbow grease to it and clean the rods to return their shine and good looking.

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