Deep Cleaning Checklist for Villas in Dubai

A deep-cleaning service at Dubai is crucial for those moving into an apartment. It can help you remove all dust and dirt that has accumulated and make it neat and tidy for you to put your furniture. It creates a blank space that you can use to give the room your design.

Recently, there has been an enormous reduction in the rent in Dubai. This has meant that a lot of residents have moved from apartments to larger villas. Villas have a larger space than apartments and so hiring a professional cleaning service prior to moving to a villa is essential to avoid to be exhausted.

When you employ an expert deep-cleaning service for your home in Dubai, the firm will look through every area which is usually left unclean during your daily cleaning routine.

To help you make the most of your time, For your convenience, we’ve put together a checklist of items to ensure that when you contract an expert deep-cleaning company in Dubai, you are aware of what you’ll receive from the services. Get more information in our guide to hiring an expert cleaning service.

Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Because of the terrain of Dubai, dust is quite frequent. Therefore, first, the cleaners get rid of any dust by dusting and wiping the surfaces to remove any dirt. After cleaning them and removing the stain remains, Our experts will employ the tried and tested methods for removing the stains.
  • All closets, cabinets and cabinets are cleaned on the inside. This includes bedrooms as well as bathrooms, kitchens and all other rooms of the villa.
  • The floors will be swept and mopped. In addition, the cleaners will also be able to clean the difficult-to-access crevices and corners, to remove any dirt that your vacuum cleaner or broom is unable to reach.
  • Mirrors and windows are cleaned thoroughly so that there aren’t any staining or smudges that remain.
  • The sinks are thoroughly cleaned, followed by faucets.
  • The kitchen and bathroom fixtures are cleaned.
  • Ceiling fans and grills for AC will be cleaned to remove any dust.
  • Bathroom and kitchen cabinets must be cleaned from the inside. If cabinets aren’t cleaned frequently, bugs and pests could utilize the cabinets as a breeding area for families to live in.
  • Appliances like refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, etc., are also cleaned inside and out to get rid of any grime that has been accumulating over time. If refrigerators aren’t maintained every month, it can provide the perfect environment for mildew and mold to develop.
  • If the house is furnished, all furniture will be dusty and all furniture is polished.
  • The balconies will be cleaned as well with any balcony furniture within the vicinity.

If you are considering a deep cleaning service, it’s important to keep in mind that typically all cleaning equipment and materials will be included within the base price. However, there are certain items that could cost an extra. These add-ons can include:

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning of surfaces, floors furniture, kitchen sinks, furniture, gas cooker, faucet or fixtures for bathrooms will cost an additional amount. The process requires the cleaners to take along additional equipment for steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is a green method of cleansing to eliminate any dirt, grease or stain. Furthermore, it helps get rid of germs or bacteria which are invisible to the untrained eye.

Tile Scrubbing

The scrubbing of tiles in the bathroom, kitchen balconies, and other areas to get rid of grout can also be costly. This requires special equipment to remove the grout that is accumulating inside the white spaces between tiles.

If you’re looking for an expert deep-cleaning service for your home in Dubai, it is easy to book a cleaning service through ServiceMarket on our website. You can also install our mobile app and make bookings for cleaners traveling.

ServiceMarket offers professional cleaners who are located in Dubai that will more than just make your home tidy and sparkling, but also thoroughly clean your entire home at an affordable cost, while carrying out the task with perfect standards.


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