Bad Bedroom Cleaning Habits

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. Your bedroom is where you relax and feel rejuvenated. It’s where dreams, plans, and, if you’re anything like us, a lot of Netflix binging can be done. It’s a place to relax. That’s at least the idea. After you have cleaned the rest of your home, your bedroom is a secondary priority. This is a problem. Bad bedroom cleaning habits can affect your mood and your sleeping.

Cleanliness is the key to better sleep, more energy, and a happier, healthier start to your day. We can help. We’ve already discussed how to better clean your bathroom or kitchen, but we need to keep our sanctuaries clean. These five horrible bedroom cleaning habits can be avoided for better sleep.

Let’s tackle one of the most embarrassing bedroom cleaning mistakes. Although cleaning under your bed can be a hassle, it is much better than sleeping on a heap of dust bunnies. Take everything out of under your bed. It might be time to get rid of stuff you don’t use. It’s much easier to run the vacuum or sweep under your bed than navigate a heap of junk.

A bed skirt is an incredible hack that will make this chore easy. This is also known as a dust ruffle. It not only makes your bed look better, but it also reduces dirt and debris from underneath. If you want to make this a permanent task, consider a platform bed with solid edges connecting your mattress to the floor. Built-in storage is a bonus point.

Making or not making your bed

Mom was right. It is essential to make your bed every morning. It will instantly clean up your room and improve your mental well-being. It takes only two minutes to do so, so give it a try for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference.

You can streamline your bed if it is covered with many throws and decorative pillows. These fun accents are great for adding flair to your space, but they may be best used in a guest room. They can make it difficult for you to get out of bed each day and could be a problem with the overall design of your space.

All this being said, you shouldn’t get out of bed to make your coffee. While you brush your teeth, take your sheets off and make your coffee. This allows your bedding to breathe and prevents dust, mites, and sweat from getting trapped in your sheets. Remember to wash your sheets regularly.

Use “the chair.”

Ah, the chair. It is ironic. It’s a glorified closet in every teenage girl’s bedroom. But don’t fall prey! Don’t leave your clothes on the chair! It is not a closet. It is not an option for clothes storage. The chair should be a good fit for your ability to organize yourself in the best possible way.

You can break the habit of using the chair by following these steps. First, clear out your closet. The KonMari method can help you if you have trouble getting rid of things. Hanging an item up is much easier if you don’t have to use multiple shoves to get it back in place. The organization is more accessible when there’s more space for clothes storage.

Next, make something with the chair. For a reading corner, set it up with pillows and a throw. You can place a potted plant there for a few weeks to break the habit. Please put them in a hamper or place them in the trash can. Do whatever it takes to break the habit. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to tidy up your room once you have broken the habit.

While you are washing sheets, clean them

This article should motivate you to clean your bedroom. Don’t begin by stripping the bed. Your bedding should be left on if you plan to dust. All the dust and debris will be on your mattress if you do. Then, cover it with clean sheets. Although you won’t notice the difference, it is a bad idea for your bedroom hygiene.

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