Top Carpet Stain Removal Tips

If you want to learn how to remove stains in a proper way, you should learn from the best in the cleaning sphere! There are a few really important rules to follow when it comes to treating a stain. That’s why our cleaners decided to share with you the golden rules for expert stain removal and to help you make your cleaning better. Following the rules below will assure you of your success. We will share with you the proper way to remove stains and if you accomplish them right, you will be a good as a pro!

Our General Stain Removal Tips

1.Treat the stain immediately! Cleaning experts explain that the sooner you apply the treatment, the better your result will be. Remember that fresh stains have no time to set!
2.You have to be really patient, because you might have to apply the treatment several times. The result will be much better, if you try it a couple of times instead of only once.
3.Don’t rub, but blot! And if you rub, do it really gently and carefully not to damage the fabric. We remind you that you may also spread the stain. Rubbing is recommended really rarely and only when the fabric and the source of stain allow it.
4.Always work from the outside towards the centre of the stained area. This applies not only to carpets, but for clothes and upholstery as well!
Follow the instructions above, and the stains won’t be a problem any more. Our specialists advise you to consult professional cleaning service, if you have any questions or the methods above just don’t work.

How To Remove Coffee Stain

One of the most common stains are the one from coffee. We all have been in that situation, where we spill coffee on our shirt in the morning, while in a hurry to get prepared and leave for work. There is no need to panic, just act as quick as possible and the stain should be removed easily. See how to deal with coffee stains in a quick and effective way.
One thing to easy to find and use on coffee stains are baby wipes. Our professional cleaners strongly recommend to have a pack of those in your purse, in case of an accident. Blot on the spot with the wipe, until the liquid is absorbed, as well as the stain. This tricks works not only for spots on clothes, it is also good for spills on carpets and furniture
Another ultimate natural cleaner to fight coffee stains with, is baking soda. It works great on stained china. All you have to do, is moist a towel and sprinkle some soda on it. Rub on the glasses, then rinse with plain water. Dry the cups and you are ready to serve coffee to your special guests.

Coffee spills can be found not only on clothes, but on carpets as well. If you need to deal with such spot on your rug, you can try doing it with beer. It sounds crazy, but it actually works. Pour some beer on the affected area and rub gently. According to us the stain should be gone after a few procedures. Don’t give up, repeating is necessary for the success of this cleaning method.Now you know the easiest way to remove coffee stains using only product you have at home.

How To Remove Wine Stains

This somewhere is on your favourite clothes – your new beautiful shirt on your expensive new jeans. And in this case you probably need the knowledge how to remove it from there. Here is the way how to do it quickly and you won’t need to throw your favourite clothes away from now on.
What you should start with when dealing with such stains? We give you the following steps:
1. As quickly as possible sprinkle enough amount of salt onto the stain because it prevents the stain from settling into the fabrics of the clothing.
2. Take a clean cloth and start blotting the stain to remove what you can from the wine there. However, remember that you don’t need to rub the stain, it will only helps the wine to spread more and to get deeper into the fabrics.
3. For pushing the stain out from the clothing, take club soda and pour from it onto the stain until it is fully covered with it.
4. Then change the cloth and start blotting again.
5. Continue with these two actions until there is no more wine on the cloth you are blotting the stain with.
6. Then, our experienced stain removal specialists advise you to prepare a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent.
7. Dampen a clean cloth in it and now blot the area with this cloth – this helps all the particles left there to be removed.
8. Lay the clothing somewhere on a surface and first place paper towels on it and then another heavy object.
9. Let it stay in this way over the night to neutralize the moisture from it.
10. At the other day you can launder your clothing as normal.

How To Remove Ink Stain

Impossible tо knоw the various sоlvеnts, resіnѕ, and oils used for the make of јuѕt onе. But applying рatiеnce and pеrѕіstеnce most of thеѕе ink stains аre removable through eхpеrimеnting with different solvents. Othегs are indelible, anԁ your sіtuаtіоn mау be hopeless lеavіng permanent stаinѕ. However, the mеthоԁ below will eіtheг remove oг lighten thеѕe ink staіnѕ.

As domestic cleaners advise start with aррlying but not rubbing a solvent tуре cleaner by blottіng it onto the stain wіth a clean, whіtе terrycloth wash cloth. Тhis tуpe of сlеаnеr shoulԁ lift up the stain. Βу loosening ѕtаin and immediately blotting it up, the stain should nоt spread all over.

You can treat а thickly fоlԁed absorbent white сlоth or towel with hair spray, dаb the affected агеa with cloth, and blot with dry towel sіmultanеоuslу. Also you can treat а thickly fоlԁеԁ absorbent white cloth or towеl with Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol, ԁab the affectеd area with cloth, anԁ blot with ԁгу towel simultaneously. Third method is to trеat a thickly fоldеԁ absorbent whіte cloth or towel with nail pоlіѕh remоvег or aсеtonе, ԁаb the affected area wіth сlоth, anԁ blot with dry tоwеl simultaneously.

Ӏf оne solvent cleaner ԁоеѕ not adequately ѕolve the problem, movе ԁоwn to the next іn the oгԁeг these сlеanегs are given. Remember that you should never аpрlу solvents diгeсtly оntо the surface. Last but not least, domestic cleaning London give you a warning note to always teѕt an inconѕрicious area fоr соlогfаstness, etc. bеfогe treating the eхpоsed аreа. Also note that certain old stains are pеrmanent.

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