The Pros and Cons of Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning System

The traditional window cleaning process usually involves making use of ladders, squeezers and squeegees as any environmentally friendly or chemical-based solution, as well as cloths to clean. It’s a lengthy task that takes lots of physical effort and the time required to finish it can vary between a few hours and several days based according to the area of the house.

However, Best water fed window cleaning pole isn’t requiring all of outdated techniques and equipment. In fact, it reduces the time needed to get similar or superior results. There are some disadvantages, but. Here’s a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages for reach-and wash system.

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Benefits of a water-fed pole window cleaning

Window cleaning with pure water has been the preferred method for maintaining windows in homes and offices. The benefits of using it both for the window cleaners and customers include:

  • Time-saving. This is one many of the advantages of the Telescopic pole. In today’s fast-paced environment any method that cuts down the time needed to get work completed is of great benefit for the property owner as well as window cleaners.
  • Safety. There is no price to human life since the human body is not able to produce spare components for human body. The ground is a good place to work and eliminates many hazards like falling off ladders or from high places.
  • Ease of use. It makes it easier to do cleaning windows and results in an learning curve that’s not as long or lengthy.
  • It’s a lot less physical. It’s not necessary to carry buckets full of water as well as climb ladders or scrub windows for a long time. Thanks to the new lightweight poles that are water-fed it’s not necessary to become Superman to be a professional all the day.
  • Windows stay clean for longer. The systems use purified water that gets rid of dirt and grime from the glass panes without need for any chemical. The reason for this is the pure state of the water, which does not contain any solid particles present in it. In this condition water, it is able to connect to all impurities on the glass’s surface. The result of this deep washing is a slick condition for your window. It takes much longer time for the contaminates to begin growing back on the windows, and this ensures that you will enjoy a long-lasting, sparkling result.
  • Can be used during rainy conditions. Even light rain or drizzle can make ladders slippery and wet but with poles that can be extended this is no longer a problem.
  • A versatile cleansing tool. Water-fed pole is more than the standard window cleaning, and is able to bring the window frames, sills fascias and soffits back to their original condition. Cleaning dirt off flat roof lights made of glass and windows with velux is a breeze due to the Telescopic pole system. With it you can reach solar panels as well as conservatory roofing as well.
  • Eco-friendly solution. The bucket and sponge method usually rely on a chemical detergent or other solution to wash dirt and stains off the glass, which can cause environmental and health risks. However water-fed pole systems make use of only pure water that does not cause any adverse effects and isn’t harmful to your home, well-being or the ecosystem around it.

The drawbacks of using the water used to clean windows using a pole

If you are trying to determine the best method for your needs Be mindful that both systems have certain drawbacks. These are the ones you should know:

  • Windows remain filthy ( if not executed correctly). The importance of professional cleaners who know the correct method is what creates the difference between average and exceptional outcomes. Simply because someone has an extendable pole does not make him a window washer. having the proper apparatus is one aspect, but being able to utilize it is just as essential.
  • Windows that are dirty could not be sparkling and shining from the very first time. If windows haven’t been cleaned for a long period of period, it may be difficult to achieve the most effective results from one session. Professional cleaners advise that you clean the windows regularly on a regular basis is beneficial over the long term.
  • Bird droppings are extremely difficult to eliminate and might require the use of other equipment. But, a team that is well-equipped is prepared for scenarios like this and try to solve the issue until it’s solved.

Apart from the benefits of the pole that is high-reach however, it should not be viewed as the sole solution for every scenario. Cleaning windows from outside requires a completely different method and, in the majority of cases the conventional method is the best choice. For more details on the best way to clean windows inside visit our informative blog post about the topic. It will guide you on how to keep your windows clean and keep their appearance at all times.

If you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of water-fed pole windows, it will be much easier to decide which method is most suitable for you.


  • Water-fed pole cleaning is quicker, less time-consuming and safer than traditional methods.
  • The results of this cleansing process last for a longer time.
  • This is a green method.
  • Cleansing and reach could not be effective If they are not done correctly.
  • Window surfaces that are very dirty could require multiple sessions.


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