The Best Facebook Ad Ideas for Cleaning Service Businesses

For all the talk of social media having more cons than pros, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other social platforms have become advertising goldmines. Facebook specifically has a program for you to not only create the ads you need but also share them with the right people.

Below, you’ll find advice not only on getting started with advertising cleaning services but also a few house-cleaning ad samples to help create your business’s best ads. We’ll also advise you on where your cleaning service ads have the best chance of landing leads.

Table of Contents

How to Begin Advertising Your House Cleaning Business

  • A Few Cleaning Service Ad Examples
  • The Best Places to Advertise Your Cleaning Business

How to Begin Advertising Your House Cleaning Business

Before you even think of buying a marketing plan on the Facebook Ads Manager, you’ll need to have your¬†audience, budget, and general marketing goals¬†narrowed down. The last thing you want to do is try to appeal to too many people and spend too much money doing it.

For example, the Facebook Ads Manager will ask you whether your marketing goal is to increase lead generation, web traffic, app installs, etc., all of which go toward one overarching goal. Decide whether your overarching goal is to raise awareness of your website, to encourage people to interact with your website, or to encourage purchasing from your website.

The most significant advantage of creating Facebook ads is that you can target a specific audience: a particular gender, age group, zip code, education level, income, etc. Most cleaning businesses target busy moms, wealthier neighborhoods, or commercial properties that require regular cleaning. Pick the clients you are most comfortable working with and customize your cleaning advertisement to appeal to them.

Especially if you’re starting your business, it may be tempting to hit as many audiences as possible right off the bat. If that’s the case, wait until you have more experience and a few regular clients. Then, consider broadening your clientele.

Stick to Your Budget

Make sure you don’t go over your budget, too. You may need to shell out more money depending on the marketing strategy you choose, but $20 to $25 per ad is a reasonable price for online advertising. Facebook ads tend to get stale after a week or two, but how long they work well depends on the ad itself and your audience. That’s why you should keep trying new house cleaning ad examples and continue to see what works best.

Whatever you do, make sure that when you’ve used up your budget, you end your campaign.

Prepare Your Assets to Create Ads With

Once you have your budget, audience, and marketing goals set, get your assets in order. Assets are the tools you can use according to your advertising needs, such as a high-resolution picture of your logo, a few customer testimonial videos, and eye-catching graphics. A slogan and color scheme are also good to have.

The rule with any ad is not to do too much at once. For example, you don’t want your business’s mission statement, a customer testimonial, and a promo all fighting for attention in the same ad. You want to pick what you want customers to notice most and then make them powerful enough on their own. Most ads will draw attention to a discount or the services they provide, usually with clever use of color or with a unique graphic.

Most ads for cleaning services also perform better when there is a picture, whether it’s a drawing or a clear photo. That picture does not have to be the focal point, but it helps draw the eye nonetheless.

A Few Cleaning Service Ad Examples

With your assets in order and your basic message narrowed down in the ad copy, it’s time to get creative with colors, graphics, and photos. The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to create ads in five different styles, with most sources recommending “Single” and “Video” to start. Below are a few house cleaning business ad ideas for how you can best draw your next customer.

But first, remember that nothing draws the eye away faster than blurry graphics. Before you create your first cleaning advertisement, make sure that your pictures, logos, and fonts are all high quality.

Mindy’s Cleaning Services: Enticing, Colorful Promotions

If the bright colors from this house cleaning ad sample for Mindy’s Cleaning Service didn’t catch your eye, then the 15 percent off promotion must have instead. Sometimes, companies offer a discounted first-time service as an easy test-run.

Cleaning services advertising might offer other promotions if it’s a holiday, but promotions such as this help entice customers to come on board. Discounts also make customers feel special; even though they’re new, they’re getting these special offers.

Notice also how the discount stands out from the rest of the ad. Yellows, blues, and greens make up a majority of the poster, but the promotion is red. Once the bright color draws your eye, you can find out what you can get for 15 percent off. All the essential information is here, but what is most important is made to stand out.

House Cleaning Services AZ: Simple Promotional Design

To continue the trend of enticing promotions, this cleaning advertisement for House Cleaning Services AZ looks precisely like a coupon, with the dashed scissor lines and enticing deal. With that enticing, familiar visual, the customer is instantly drawn in.

However, the focus is not only on the promotion but also on engaging the customer’s emotions. Why should you take advantage of this terrific deal: because the doorknobs in your home can harbor and spread harmful bacteria. With this special deal, this cleaning service can save you from threatening germs while also saving you money.

Rubalcava’s Quality Carpet Cleaning: Before and After

Proving the quality of your business is tricky, but before-and-after photos can easily show what a difference your cleaning practices can make.

Notice with this ad for Rubalcava’s Quality Carpet Cleaning that these helpful photos take center stage, as well as the most space. You may also notice the promotion at the top of the ad, but the images draw the eye the most. There is plenty of other useful info about the business and the owners, but they prove their worth by using comparative photos.

Since this is Facebook, some emojis might find their way onto the ad too. The cute factor of a few smiley faces and a cool sunglass face, in this case, instantly draws a customer in.

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