Stay Home and Safe From Covid 19 With Complete Cleanliness!

We all know about the recent dangerous outbreak of Covid 19 in the world! And it’s a common knowledge that it spreads with social interaction and being exposed to outside air. We also hear constant warnings to maintain as much social distancing as we can and stay at home always. But what’s more concerning is that, are you safe from this dangerous virus even when you are at home?

Your home can be a secure haven for you, but the dangers of exposure to corona virus stays in here too. It’s very crucial to be safe and keep your family safer from this attack. And this can be done by following proper measures of cleanliness and hygiene at home. And this isn’t just limited to keeping your hands sanitised and clean.

How to Keep Your Home Clean to Stay Safe From Covid 19?

Health and precautions go hand in hand. If you want to stay healthy and prevent being a victim to the dangerous Covid 19 virus, you should follow the below measures at your home to stay safe and maintain hygiene.

  • It all starts with the carpet — They are your reclining space. It’s where your kids, you and even your pets enjoy family time. You’ll have to ensure its cleanliness at all costs. Any germ or infection starting from here can reach everyone in the family within minutes. So, in order to save yourself and your family from the Covid 19 germs, go for a carpet cleaner for hire in Edinburgh from Edinburgh Cleaning Services. They ensure total safety in your home with the best sanitisation precautions, and clean and disinfect your carpets thoroughly.
  • Footwear shouldn’t enter — To ensure 100% safety and hygiene at home, keep a rule of not letting the footwear enter the house. You can arrange for a cabinet for the same in your mudroom or arrange an area for it near your deck. But be sure to keep them outside your personal zone at all cost.
  • Sanitisation is the key — Sanitisation is of utmost importance to prevent the entrance of coronavirus in your home. Whether it’s you entering the house or your shopping bag, be sure to sanitise each and every thing before using or even touching them without your gloves.
  • Maintain cleanliness at home – Apart from the carpet, it’s important to even maintain optimum cleanliness in other parts of your home. Be it your backyard, garage, garden, window or roof, ensure you’re vacuuming each and every corner more often than regular days and maintaining the hygiene level. Even your soft furnishing should be put to wash more frequently.
  • Maintain social distancing — The very essential part of preventing Covid 19 at home is maintaining the social distancing rule even in your home. Though you may not be stepping out of your home because of the high risk, but if you have meetings or parties happening in your home and people are gathering inside, even then your home isn’t a safe place during this pandemic attack.

The pandemic may take some more time to disappear. Thus, we have to keep taking these precautionary steps to stay protected from it. The safer you are, the healthier you stay!

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