Simple SEO Secrets from a Cleaning Business Owner

SEO for Newbies: How You Can Outrank The Pros

Greg Shephard, Owner of Dallas Maids

My company dominates local search engine results. We’ve got leads pouring in for free. The company has increased Dallas Maids into a million-dollar business. There were no SEO (SEO) experts were employed. There needed to be more extensive research into SEO strategies. I’ve tried it myself. You can do it too.

This is where you can learn the secrets that have led to my search engine result pages (SERPs) achievement. The only thing you have to know is the SEO fundamentals. Sprinkle in a few common knowledge, and you’ll clean up your business in just a few minutes.

Position = Profit

This graph, derived from, shows that the best organic position has a 30% click-through rate, with the second spot yielding 15% CTR and the third with a CTR of 10. The CTR rapidly drops below 2% in the other results.

A high position means increased CTR = more loyal customers = more profits.

Thus, you’d like to achieve to be in the top position, preferably in those three positions.

When I began a maid service in 2004, the Internet rapidly became the primary way for people to find items and products. A high-ranking website needed to attract customers was a no-brainer. This began by knowing my keywords.

Know Your Keywords

Your Domain Name

Being aware that Google awarded rank on domains containing keywords, I positioned myself as a customer in search of cleaning services online. I noted down the terms I used to look up, like “maid service dallas,” “maids dallas,” “house cleaning dallas,” and so on. It became apparent that would get some Google appreciation. I immediately bought it.

Google puts different importance on keyword-related domains. However, they still work. So, ensure your domain name is descriptive of your company (include keywords, for example). Domain names should be concise and straightforward, void of non-alphanumeric characters like numbers and hyphens.

A Brief Note on AdWords

Ranking on the top is not something that happens overnight. Look into Google AdWords for lead generation until your SEO begins to take effect. Here’s a tip for choosing a profitable AdWords website name to promote your company:

  1. Note down possible domain names.
  2. Choose three or four of your most popular choices.
  3. Make sure you have your website up on each one of them.
  4. Create separate but the same AdWords campaigns for every website (Call Google support. Their assistance is priceless).
  5. Your winner is The site with the highest click-through rate after two months of testing.

Your Content

This list determines the content of your website. Use reader-friendly versions of the keywords you have on your site. For instance, you could you could use ” house cleaning service in Dallas” instead of ” house cleaning dallas,” as in “Dallas Maids is an award-winning house cleaning service in Dallas.” Google is looking for well-written, user-friendly websites.” house cleaning Dallas” is just terrible grammar.

It is vital alongside the viewable web pages and the metadata that lies beneath the surface. The most important of these is the title tag. The title tag utilizes your keywords to precisely describe your company and appear within the Search Engine Results Page:

The content you put in here will impact your search engine rankings. This is where you need to improve search engine optimization! For instance, a compelling headline tag to advertise a maid’s service within Dallas, Texas, would be:

“Maid Service | Dallas Maids house cleaning in Dallas, Texas.”

“Maid Service Dallas” is the top search term that people seek out for house cleaning services. It must be front than the second most searched-for key phrase, “house cleaning Dallas.”

Pro Tip After Achieving #1

The Google results shown in the previous image show the title tag of Why am I not putting keywords in it? The title tag is displayed in the results of searches. It is visible before users click through to your site. Thus, it could be a potent advertising spot during prime time. Dallas Maids already held the first spot on Google’s organic search results. Why not use title tags to promote your business instead of keywords?

The tagline “Dallas Maids, Recommended by D Magazine & Voted Best House Cleaning in Dallas” is based on a tried and tested marketing technique known as social proof. Social proof is the idea that customers will select your company if others like it. It’s, for instance, dinner time, and you’re hungry. There are two restaurants nearby. One is packed with people, while the other has bored servers looking off at the sky. Which one would you prefer?

The tag’s title shows Dallas Maids as having been chosen by an eminent and well-respected magazine based in Dallas, D Magazine, and being selected as the top housekeeping service in Dallas. Sales grew significantly after using organic listings as an advertising tool.

For more information on Social proof and other elements that are hardwired into humans’ brains to create (not choose, for example) customers purchase at your store, suggest studying ” Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”

Necessary: Try this only if you’re already leading search engine results.

Submit Your Site to Google

Once I had finished After that, I submitted Dallas Maids’ website to Google with remarkable results. Within ten days, was on Google’s first page! I discovered this after the phone began to ring. After about a year, raced to the top spot, and we’ve been enjoying it since.

There was lower competition online in the past. So, avoid getting excited and expecting exceptional results. Focus on the fundamentals of on-site SEO we’ve covered, and off-site SEO will be covered later, and you’ll do well.

Building Backlinks

Google’s algorithm relies on backlinks since they represent virtual proof of trust in a website’s worth. Therefore, it’s in the best interests of entrepreneurs to create backlinks.

Directories and Lead Sites

As I posed as a client looking for home cleaners, I made the websites that kept popping up in the search results. There were many directories on the internet with free listings, whereas others demanded a one-time, minimal cost. I created backlinks from all these directories to

Nowadays, you’ll likely come across sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Thumbtack, and many more that can backlink to your site. Please create a profile for your business and ensure it’s complete with your keywords in your description, along with mirroring the information on your website, such as email, phone number, phone number, etc. Google prefers consistency and consistent results in rankings.


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