How to Remove Gum Under Your Office Desk

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  • Different Ways to Remove Chewing Gum Under Desk Remove with Duct Tape Remove by using Ice Take off using Oil Cleanse the Powder by using Powder Sanitizing Your Workspace How to Dispose Chewing Gum Properly? Proper Disposal of Chewing Gum.
  • We’ve all experienced getting the dreaded chewed gum stuck between chairs or tables. It’s especially annoying when you discover chewing gum on your desk in which you work every day. Someone left it there, and now you have to figure out how to get it out.
  • As grueling as it can be to observe, or more gruesomely it is to smell, or worse, feel gum under the table, it’s more difficult to take it off. The process of getting rid of it is a grueling job that isn’t easy to digest when you’re feeling squeamish. The sticky blob doesn’t look like dirt that you wipe off with a paper towel.

Different Ways to Remove Chewing Gum Under Desk

  • In a workplace, there isn’t always access to the most common household cleaning products that could accomplish the task. You’ll have to be creative if you are looking to eliminate gum under your table quickly. Here are some suggestions and tricks to help you:

Take off using Duct Tape.

  • A majority of offices carry duct tape, which is a standard office product. Although duct tape can be great for sealing shipping boxes, it is also useful in cleaning dust from surfaces. Take a small piece of duct tape, place it onto the gum, and quickly remove the tape off the table. The gum should slide off the table, along with the video.
  • Any remaining pieces of tape can be removed by using a new video. You can remove tiny remnants left behind with the cloth and dipped into dilute washing soap with water. Ice or cold water is the well to get rid of the gum remnants.

Take off using Ice.

  • Visit your office pantry and grab an ice cube. In the beginning, place the ice cube over the gum piece, make it freeze, and make it easier to take off once the gum has hardened. Please make use of the plastic spoon or scraper to take out the gum that is set, then dispose of it in the trash. The ice method may also be used to get rid of gum from your clothing and chairs.

Remove with Oil

  • Go through your cupboards for a small amount of cooking oil, mayonnaise, baby oils, or any other ingredient that will make the gum less sticky. Gum, which makes it easier to remove. Rub the gum using an old piece of tissue or a towel that has been dipped in oil until it becomes easy to take off. Wrap the gum into a sheet of paper, then throw it away in the garbage bin. Remove the oil using alcohol.

Take off the Powder by using Powder

  • If you have flour or baby powder in your pantry, you can make use of it to get chewing gum from your table. Sprinkle the gum with the Powder, ensuring it’s completely covered before peeling off. Continue adding Powder as necessary to eliminate any remaining gum.

Sanitizing Your Workspace

  • It is possible to clean your work area. For desks made of non-wood, apply hand sanitizer or rub alcohol the same way you normally clean the surface. For wood, stone, and other materials that are sensitive, it is possible to wash your work area with dilute soap, or you can use a sanitizer with a neutral pH that doesn’t stain or harm the surface.

How to Dispose Chewing Gum Properly?

  • Have you experienced this as a regular issue, or has it been happening frequently in the breakroom or around the pantry table? It is possible to get all your colleagues around the proper disposal of chewing gum. Chewing gum that has been stale on the desk’s underside and chairs aren’t just offensive but also a violation of manner of conduct and could cause disease when the person chewing is sick.
  • As a supervisor, think about removing chewing gum from your workplace entirely or arranging announcements about proper disposal of gum for all employees to read. Be sure that there are plenty of garbage bins available for removal and separate recycling from the rest of the trash.


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