Floors are the most difficult surfaces in the house to maintain, considering you walk on them every day. They are often the first thing you notice when your house is dirty. However, pristine floors give the impression of a cleaner home. This guide contains many tips and tricks to keep your floors looking new and clean. This checklist applies to all types of flooring, including carpet, tiles and hardwood.



Hardwood floors can be very easy to maintain, but it is still important to do some basic maintenance to keep your floor looking beautiful. Wooden floors can be damaged by dirt, so it is important to regularly dust the floor with a mop that has been treated with a dusting product. Disposable electrostatic cloths are another option if you only need to clean a small area. They can also pick up a lot of dust. It’s a good idea, in general, to test chemical products on a small area before applying them.


You can do a quick sweep every other week, but hardwood floors need to be cleaned at least yearly. This will ensure that they last a lifetime. You will enjoy your floors for many years if you invest in deep cleaning now and again.

What’s the process for a deeper clean? Examine the surface. You may need baking soda and a sponge to clean up any scuff marks. You can use commercial cleaners to remove grease, food and water stains. However, make sure you test it first on a small area. Small cracks in your floor are not to be panicked about. Cracks can form in winter due to dry heat and heating. A word of caution, don’t soak your wooden floor with water. Instead, use damp cloths to wring out any water. Avoid exposing wooden floors to as much moisture as possible.

After cleaning the floor, it is worth applying wax made for wooden floors. It comes in paste or liquid form and can restore the floor’s shine. A buffing machine can be a great investment if waxing your floor. It will make the process much faster and give you excellent results. This machine should be used only if the floor is in good condition and not every few years.

Sometimes, it is worth resealing your flooring to restore it to its former glory. This shouldn’t happen very often and should be done no sooner than five years, but it may take longer in some cases.



Your laminate floor will look like stone or hardwood planks, but you need to maintain it the same way. Laminate floors can look great, are affordable and come in many different styles. A little extra care and attention can prolong the life of laminate floors and make them last longer. Laminate floors are durable and can withstand heat, sun and most cleaning products. However, a little extra care is still necessary.

Vacuuming can also be done every other week. An electric, rechargeable vacuum cleaner is a great option to reduce your workload. They are easy to use and last for between 20-30 minutes. No cables, no hassles. It’s also faster and more efficient than sweeping. If you prefer to sweep, dust mop or vacuum, large-sized cloth mops can cover a lot of space quickly and efficiently, provided that the floor is open.


Regular vacuuming and sweeping will keep dirt and grime from your floors. This will help reduce scratches and prevent damage. A damp mop on the floor every once in a while will give you good results. Are you tired of streaky floors? A DIY floor cleaner containing 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup white vinegar, and 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol will eliminate streaky floors. You can use a spray bottle or a microfibre mop to clean your floors. You can also use baby shampoo mixed with water for a gentle clean. Avoid wet mopping. A damp mop will suffice. Water leaking behind the baseboards can cause damage to the surface. Many laminate floor cleaners can be used, including some specially designed ones. Always test any new cleaning methods on a small floor area before applying them to your entire floor.

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