Five Considerations For Commercial Cleaning Companies Today

No matter how large or small a building complex is, there are many things to consider. Many on-site managers or facility managers are juggling between meeting the cleaning standards and delivering a satisfactory service while staying within budget.

In my experience as a founder and manager of a commercial cleaning business, I have found that teams who clean and assign common areas often overlook certain items. It is for this reason that I have outlined five things commercial cleaning teams need to keep in mind when navigating their clients’ requirements today.

1. Remember first impressions. This is one of the main reasons for cleaning public areas, aside from safety and hygiene. Cleaning professionals often overlook or exclude critical items from their scope of work because they are budget-constrained. Recently, people have become more educated about what is acceptable and expect cleaners to provide more efficient solutions.

You can also do this. Look for fingerprints or marks on surfaces such as glass, walls, or cobwebs. When you touch the surface, check if it is free of dirt, grease, grime, and accumulation. Consider the smell as well: Does the area have a welcoming scent? Is it the right vibe for the owner of the property? Does the cleaning team need to collaborate with the maintenance staff to resolve any issues, such as mold or dampness??

2. Clean reflective surfaces and surfaces with high touch levels thoroughly. Due to their high-traffic location, reflective surfaces can be difficult to maintain and clean. Reflective surfaces are designed for visual effect, but if not properly maintained, they can show off every imperfection and flaw, including fingerprints, smudges, and spills.

Remember that cleaning surfaces with a high level of touch has never been so important as it is today. Due to the pandemic, it is now a requirement to maintain sterilization and cleanliness 24/7 in all buildings and premises.

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3. Accept technology and innovation. In the last ten years, technologies such as the iMop, microfiber cloths, and others have revolutionized cleaning. More machines are available than ever, and many can outperform or support human labor. They also have high reliability and performance. It would help if you considered whether a new device will provide your customers with cost savings and more options.

4. Prioritize preventative maintenance. The cleaning industry has a very reactive attitude towards preventive care. The cleaning industry has a reactive approach to preventive care. In order to maximize the life of the assets, it is important to include a comprehensive cleaning strategy in the preventative maintenance plan.

5. Safety is the most important thing to remember. It is important to cause no harm. However, in the past, this wasn’t the case. With the variety of machines, chemicals, and technologies available, I see fewer harsh chemicals being used. Facility managers must provide their cleaning contractors with adequate storage space and consider ventilation, accessibility, and proximity to the public. Employers must provide their cleaners with consistent training, including toolbox talks and regular meetings so that they are familiar with the risks and hazards of each site. When employees feel safe, they will be more focused on quality.

Overall, I’ve found that facility managers who take these considerations into account maintain public areas, reduce safety incidents, and extend the life of assets. You can meet your client’s expectations by focusing on the five areas listed above.

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Final Words

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