Carpet Cleaning SEO: Optimizing Your Google My Business Page

The majority of carpet cleaning companies are located in a specific area, and this can have a significant impact on the carpet cleaning SEO strategy.

In the case of your website and marketing via digital, the goal is to attract more customers that are within your service area in the local area. Reaching a billion people across the globe isn’t helping you, and it’s an unnecessary use of time and cash.

To market your business from a specific location, Google My Business is the ideal SEO tool to allow you to connect with more potential customers for carpet cleaning. It’s also the perfect starting point when you’re just beginning your journey to digital marketing.

What is Google My Business?

If you’ve never heard of it before or even heard of the name, you should definitely have heard of it. It’s the small box that pops up whenever you search for something. It also shows a particular company.

It provides the most important information regarding a company, including opening hours and contact details. It is sometimes referred to as an online window for shops.

It’s free to be registered. All you have to do is claim your address on Then, you can start filling in the details of the carpet cleaning service you use, which will have an enormous effect on the SEO of your site.

Contact Information for Your Carpet Cleaning Company

The first thing to fill out is your contact information — to allow people to reach you!

Based on the size of your cleaning business, you may be unable to establish a physical location in which people can come to visit you. If that’s the scenario, when you create your address, you can choose the option that says I deliver services and goods to my clients at their respective locations and then uncheck the option that reads ‘I provide services to customers at my address for business.’

Additionally, you can choose to sketch out your patch, i.e., the regions you cover. It could be in particular towns, cities, or postcodes, or even a simple distance around the physical location of your business.

It’s then possible to include important information like opening hours. Be sure that these are correct, as the most important thing you’d want to avoid is for a potential customer to call for help but be unable to reach anyone. Google is quite adept in sending reminders, but do not forget to alter your hours in the months of Easter and Christmas when they’re different or you’re closed.

Images are Great for Carpet Cleaning SEO

It could seem not very smart to include images, but listings with pictures typically perform better than those that do not. Search Engine Journal recently published that listings with photos are receiving 35% more visits than those without images.

A lot of companies include a variety of promotional images, such as their logo, team images, and even illustrations from their job, equipment, or their premises. This is your chance to provide visitors with a greater impression of your company! Make sure they are of professional quality, even if they’re casual photos.

If you don’t have pictures, you can inquire with regular customers if they’d be interested in you capturing some on their next trip. You can offer customers a small discount to encourage them.


Perhaps one of the most effective areas in one of the most powerful sections of Google My Business listing is reviews. Potential customers are much more convinced by third-party reviews than what you have to declare about how excellent your products or services are.

The most effective way to gain additional reviews is to directly talk to individuals. If you are looking for feedback after an event, inquire about how the experience was. If you’re satisfied with the comments, then ask whether they would be willing to duplicate their comments in the Google My Business listing.

If you are the recipient of negative reviews, address them quickly and honestly to show that you are open to feedback from customers.

With regards to reviews, it’s a numbers game, so include this in your plan. Make sure you get more reviews than your rivals and have an average rating of 4.5.


Are you looking to share some company announcements? Do you have a special offer running? Do you have a new product or service? You can build Google My Business posts that show up on your listing for a week. These posts are ideal for sharing these types of news.

These are short pieces of text with images, and you can also include buttons that link to pages on your site.

Check the performance of your posts to determine which type of content gets the greatest response!

Full Steam Ahead

In a nutshell, the most important things to consider when enhancing Google My Business for your carpet cleaning business: Google My Business for your carpet cleaning company are:

  • Make sure that everything is completed fully – as best you are able to! Google loves complete data.
  • Take note of what you want your website to be known for, and make sure you use certain terms from these categories in your descriptions, as well as company information.
  • Review your data whenever you have the chance – this will provide you with valuable information on how your website is doing. For instance, how many calls have you received, and how many people have visited your site?


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