A Quick Guide on the Distinct Types of Block Pavements Suitable for Your Home!

Pavers are magicians with wands who can be the Fairy Godmother to add bling to your home exteriors! Be it your perfectly landscaped garden, or the welcoming meanders of the driveway, or simply your inviting patio, block pavements make an impressive picture when laid in any of these spaces in your home. But not all block pavers are alike! So, you need to at least have a rough idea about block paving when you set out to include block paving in your property.

Various Types of Block Pavements That Would Suit Your Home Décor!

Choosing the right block pavement can be a little tricky. Especially when the options available are so varied. Each of them comes with its unique features in terms of looks, characteristics, and even durability. That’s why you should indulge in a little R&D before selecting the best one that suits your home exterior project. Once you know what you want, call Driveways Nottingham for block paving in Nottingham. They do an excellent job of laying and beautifying your property with their best skills and oodles of experience. So, let’s pick up the best pavement for your home exterior!

  • Stone Pavers — Stone has been the most popular choice for pavers for decades. Not only are these super strong and durable, but these are available in various shapes and colors as well. You should opt for stone pavers if you are looking for blocked pavements for your gardens, as they are most suitable around the plants and blend in to exude an earthy feel.
  • Sandstone Pavers — Sandstone has won hearts due to the variety it comes in. You want a unique home? The lovely hues of sandstone would give you just that. What’s more? You shall be spoilt for choice and you could make your pavement blend in or stand out in the backdrop of your home exterior. Want even more? Sandstone is recyclable and can be reused even after decades of usage.
  • Slate Pavers — A comparatively softer option, slate comes in beautiful textured shades of blue, black, and grey. The best for heavy traffic prone areas, it’s pretty easy to carve into any desirable shape and exudes a distinct grace. But because it can create a puddle and become slippery, choose it for a sheltered area like covered portico.
  • Granite Pavers — Granite is a solid and the toughest option for pavements. It has a rough texture that makes it entirely nonslippery. Durable and strong, granite stays intact even without much maintenance for ages. Additionally, the attractive designs, patterns, and colors available make it the most suitable for any part of your exteriors.
  • Concrete Pavers — A concrete pavement is the most budget-friendly option. It’s available in thousands of colors both in rough and smooth surfaces and is durable as well. They can be the safest, as concrete isn’t a slippery material and can look exceptionally attractive in your driveways, pathways, patio, garden and even garage.

The options available for pavements can be extremely exciting and varied. But only you can decide which one would suit your home. Every home has a story to tell. Pave way for yours in style.

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