Best Vacuums for Commercial Spaces and Office Buildings

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  • Factors When Choosing Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
  • Power Source
  • Cleaning Capacity
  • Static Lift
  • Airflow
  • Best Backpack Vacuums
  • ProTeam(r) Backpack Vac 6qt Supercoach Pro 6
  • ProTeam(r) Gofree Flex Pro II
  • ProTeam(r) Super Halfvac Pro
  • Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners
  • Clarke CarpetMaster 115 and 215
  • ProTeam(r) Proforce 1500XP
  • NSS Pacer 12
  • Best Canister Vacuums
  • NSS(r) Model M-1 “Pig”(r) Vacuum
  • The Final Sweep
  • Cleanliness of the office is essential when it comes to ensuring the health and well-being of employees. An important tool to fight against germs in the workplace is the humble vacuum cleaner.
  • These basic and simple cleaning products have advanced dramatically over the past few years and have become effective partners with the cleaning staff at your workplace. This article will highlight the best vacuum cleaners for commercial and office spaces to your advantage.

Factors When Choosing Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

  • The following aspects will help determine your decision for choosing an office vacuum cleaner that is based on your needs:

Power Source

  • It is crucial to think about the power source you choose to use when selecting the right vacuum cleaner for your workplace. In the majority of cases, commercial vacuum cleaners are either battery-powered or powered by cords.
  • Devices with a long extension cord permit users to perform cleaning for a longer duration of time since the battery power source for the unit doesn’t limit them. The only drawback of these devices is that users must manage the use of the device while making sure that the location of the outlets is in the back of their minds.

Cleaning Capacity

  • Cleaning capacity for a device is how much vacuuming can be carried out without needing to change the filter bag on the cleaner. It is also linked to the length of the path for cleaning for every device.
  • Larger filters will be able to keep dust particles without the necessity of changing them. Smaller filter bags require replacement regularly and can impact the speed and effectiveness of the customer.
  • The path for cleaning the vacuum cleaner can impact the efficiency of the owner. A cleaner way to clean implies that it is simpler for the cleaners to work as they are covering a greater area in each run.
  • The size of the path can vary depending on the type of vacuum cleaner that you use. Canister and backpack cleaners, for instance, have attachments that let you reduce or increase the size of your path according to your requirements. For upright models, however, the length of the course is typically restricted to the dimensions of the brush utilized.

Static Lift

  • It is the static lifetime of vacuums that is the amount of lift or pull that a particular machine needs to be able to remove dust from surfaces. The more static, the better the cleaning capability of the device. A good stationary lift for commercial vacuum cleaners lies between 60 to 100 inches.


  • To figure out the amount of airflow a device produces, it is crucial to check the CFM of a vacuum cleaner. CFM, or cubic feet for every minute, is a measurement that is used to measure the quantity of air that is pushed through the nozzle in front of the vacuum cleaner.
  • The ideal airflow for commercial cleaners is between 95 and 150 CFM.

Best Backpack Vacuums

  • The backpack vacuum is a cleaner that the user carries for them to be able to move around office spaces. According to a study of recent times, the use of a backpack vacuum is at least 230% more efficient when compared to different types of cleaning equipment.
  • Commercial backpack vacuum cleaners are known to be less heavy, more ergonomic, and more portable than other versions. They also come in battery-powered and cord-electric versions. Backpack vacuums are best utilized for landings, stairs as well as high-traffic areas in offices. They’re also a good option if you’re dealing with carpeted or hard flooring.

ProTeam(r) Backpack Vac 6qt Supercoach Pro 6

  • The first model for commercial vacuums that we have on our list will be The ProTeam Backpack Vac Pro 6. This model for commercial use is well-known for its performance and ease of service. With a weight of just eleven pounds, the model lets users evenly distribute the burden on their backs when they are working.
  • Because of the 50-foot-long power cable, it’s simple to transport this cleaner to any area of the office whenever needed. It also comes with the standard six-quart cleaning tank, meaning that replacing the bags for filtering isn’t as important as models with smaller tanks.
  • This Proteam Backpack Vac Pro 6 also has the highest number of airflow among the models we have reviewed in our evaluation. With a CFM of 53 and a static lifetime of 91 inches, This backpack vacuum is capable of tackling all the challenges that come with the contemporary commercial market.

ProTeam(r) Gofree Flex Pro II

  • Next up is a different ProTeam model called The GoFree Flex Pro II. It is a distinctive commercial vacuum model since it is the sole battery-powered model that is featured in this section.
  • One of the most significant selling advantages of this product is the model cleans up 30 percent more efficiently than the Supercoach Pro 6. It’s not just that; the model is also said to be five times as efficient as other upright vacuums on the market today.
  • As mentioned previously, it is a battery-powered model, and the power source is a lithium-ion battery that aids in maximizing the efficiency of the whole. You can use the device for 101 minutes, running at a slow speed. When the rate is increased, however, the time remains at 73 minutes. In addition, it takes only about three hours in total to charge the vacuum cleaner.
  • The weight of the backpack vacuum cleaner is 17.5 pounds. It also comes with a huge 6-quart bag for cleaning. These features reduce the amount of effort required by users over the long and short run.
  • With regards to dynamic lift as well as the airflow, this backpack cleaner is a very strong addition. The static lift fluctuates according to the power mode used by the person using it. In the lower power mode, the static charge is reduced to 67 inches. However, in the higher power mode, it stands at 81 inches.
  • The airflow can also change depending on the operation mode within this type of model. The lower version offers a flow of just 58 CFM, while the model with more power provides an airflow of 81 CFM.

ProTeam(r) Super Halfvac Pro

  • The last commercial vacuum model in this list is another ProTeam model – it’s the Super Halfvac Pro. The distinctive feature of this particular model is the fact that it’s the smallest model in our review. Despite its small size, it is able to provide the same level of cleaning as the other larger models in our list.
  • Even the style for this particular model has been made distinctive for the purpose of making the best use of its tiny size. The backpack cleaner is used in the bottom of the back as well as the hips of the wearer instead of the back’s upper part. Because of this significant modification, the comfort of the user is increased. It will be difficult to recognize that they’re using a vacuum cleaner that weighs 10.5 pounds.
  • A few other outstanding attributes of this model are the 50-foot power cable that significantly increases the user’s mobility. Also, it has a huge cleaning tank that holds 6 quarts regardless of its smaller dimensions.
  • The static lift and airflow of this model are impressive. With a special charge of nearly 97 inches and an airflow of just 106, this model can handle any job it is faced with in commercial spaces.

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners

  • An upright cleaner is a machine that has a good central device that is placed vertically, as well as a set of wheels to allow for movement at the lower end. Also, it has an accessory bag to store dust that is near the highest point of the vacuum.
  • They usually come in cord-electric models, but there are battery-powered models available on the marketplace at present. They’re ideal for keeping carpet floors clean, but certain models with advanced features also provide the possibility to switch between carpeted and hard floors when needed.

Clarke CarpetMaster 115 and 215

  • It is worth noting that the Clarke CarpetMarster 115 and Clarke CarpetMaster 215 are two remarkably similar models, which is the reason we’ve grouped them into a single model to make our selection. The only difference between these two models is the fact that CarpetMaster 215 CarpetMaster 215 has a dual-motor system compared to the 115, which only utilizes only one motor.
  • The dual motor in the 215 can be used for two functions. One engine is responsible for the brush for the cleaner, while the other is the motor that handles the suction. Dual motors improve the efficiency and power of the model. This means that the 215 can be employed to get rid of large dirt from carpets, as well as to deep clean.
  • Due to the single motor configuration of the 115, the overall price for this model is less than the 215 model.
  • The most popular characteristics of these models are 50 feet of power cable as well as a 4.2 cubic quart bag for cleaning with static and airflow of the equivalent of 93 CFM or 92 inches.

ProTeam(r) Proforce 1500XP

  • ProTeam’s Proforce 1500XP model is one of the few upright models that can change between hard floors that are cleaned as well as carpeted flooring. It has a 15-inch cleaning path to enhance the efficiency of the model.
  • In terms of style, this model comes with an L-shaped head, which inclines to increase the cleaning efficiency around furniture. The model also comes with a three-stage filter built into the design, which guarantees the removal of nearly 99 percent of allergens from surfaces.
  • A 50-foot power cord increases the user’s mobility. However, the tiny 3.25 quarter-quart bag for cleaning requires frequent changing.
  • With an airflow of up to 96 CFM and an average rise of just 85cm, this model is able to aid users in cleaning all kinds of dirt off carpets and hard flooring.

NSS Pacer 12

  • Its NSS Pacer 12 is one of the strongest upright models on the market and has a huge cleaning capacity, with a five-quarter-quart bag as well as a 12-inch cleaning pathway.
  • The design of this model has a dial located at the base of the cleaner. This dial allows users to change the height of the brush whenever needed to take on carpets or hard floors.
  • A 40-foot power cord also plays a significant role in ensuring the best mobility for long cleaning tasks. The powerful machine also features the capacity to blow air at 100 CFM and an average lifting of up to 92 inches. It’s an impressive number, indeed!

Best Canister Vacuums

  • The final type of vacuum cleaner we’ve included on our listing is the canister model, which is best suited for cleaning carpets, drapes, flooring, and hard flooring. These models are ideal for tackling a wide variety of cleaning tasks that require various nozzles and attachments.

NSS(r) Model M-1 “Pig”(r) Vacuum

  • It is the NSS Pig Vacuum is the most effective canister vacuum we have ever seen because it’s a useful and versatile device. It lets users clean surfaces up to 25 feet above ground without the need for ladders. This is thanks to the convenient collection of attachments provided in the model.
  • A 35-foot power cord and the 12-gallon filter bag are also essential in enhancing the effectiveness of the person using it. It’s also a strong device that has a static lifting of just 37 inches as well as a flow at 146 CFM.

The Final Sweep

  • The market for vacuum cleaners is currently saturated with top-quality products. However, each of the models on this list is among the top in their respective categories. Each model has its particular strengths and weaknesses, and we’ve clarified these features enough to enable you to make a well-informed choice before you purchase.
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