16 Cleaning Services Advertising & Marketing Ideas to Wipe Out the Competition

Cleaning services can be difficult. A great campaign requires some elbow grease, just like removing a stubborn stain from a carpet or cleaning baked-on cheese off a pan.

Several obstacles cleaning service providers must overcome to attract new customers. You’re asking your customers to let you into their homes, so earning trust is essential. It’s important to target the right customers. You have a geographical area that your team covers. Some prospects are hesitant to hire a cleaning company because of psychological barriers. Asking for help can be a sign of guilt or a fear that it will be too expensive.

You must address these aspects in your advertising for cleaning services. This may seem like a big task. With the marketing tools available, you will have many opportunities to gain trust with local audiences and to overcome objections.

Here are the best cleaning services marketing ideas and advertising tips to help you grow your business and attract more customers.

Try these 16 marketing ideas for cleaning services.

Cleaning services marketing doesn’t need to be messy. Add these ideas to your 2023 marketing plan.

  • Claim local listings

Have you claimed your Google, Yelp, and other review websites? Now is the time to do it! Many high-intent buyers will visit review sites to get advice from other homeowners. It would help if you were listed on the most popular local listing sites.

You can start by using the following resources:

  • How do you claim your business in Google?
  • How do you claim your business on Yelp?
  • Claim your business on Bing.

Are you unsure of where your local listings stand? LocaliQ’s free business listing grader will tell you instantly how your listings are performing.

  • List your deals on listing websites.

After you have created your profile, take advantage of the features available on each platform. Google Business Profile allows you to make offers and post updatesYelp Deals gives you the space to create incentives for buying. Cleaning service providers should use these advertising strategies!

These platforms can be the final push a searcher with high intent needs to make the purchase. An offer placed well can be the last step in converting a searcher.

  • Schedule your services online to make it easier for clients.

You can increase your business by offering a simple online booking tool. Fifty percent of consumers prefer scheduling their cleaning service appointments online. Many online tools will simplify your scheduling.

Add your appointment booking link to your site, social media sites, and email marketing messages. This will increase the likelihood that someone will contact you to book a cleaning.

Use the LocaliQ scheduler tool for maximum bookings in your cleaning service business.

  • Advertising in the Right Places

Not all online ads are created equal. Do your research before you place ads online to determine the platforms that will get you in front of more serious buyers.

Angi, formerly Angie’s List, is a good example. Angi, a site that aggregates home services, is a popular destination for homeowners looking for assistance around the house. Advertising cleaning services on Angi can generate excellent results. You can reach a targeted group of people who are interested in your favor.

You can tell that a person is a homeowner if they are searching Angi today for a painter. You can infer they are interested in maintaining their home and relying on Angi’s advice. Maybe tomorrow, they’ll need a cleaner. You can increase your marketing ROI by advertising on platforms that are geared towards your ideal customers.

There are ways to make sure the right people see your ads, even on more general sites like Facebook. College students aren’t likely to be interested in home cleaning services. However, a newly purchased house might.

Facebook’s targeting tools can help you find the right people in the social network. You can target your cleaning service advertising to people who live in a certain geographic area or belong to a particular age group. You can target ads by prior purchases. For example, you could create ads that highlight your expertise in cleaning up pet messes for people who recently purchased dog food.

  • Use marketing and advertising tools designed specifically for service businesses.

You should not only advertise and market your service-based business but also use advertising and marketing tools that are specifically designed for this type of business.

Google Local Services Ads, for example, is a subset of Google Ads that is available only to service businesses. Google LSAs allow searchers to schedule an appointment or contact you directly via your Google advertising.

Google Local Services ads show a cleaning service. Google Local Services Ads: Learn more here.

You can use the service area feature in your listing for businesses that provide services. You can set a service area radius or even include ZIP codes for your cleaning business services. You can improve your chances of appearing on Google when relevant searches are conducted in the area where your clients live by including a service region instead of a city where your company is physically located.

  • Keep it Seasonal

Leaning on seasonal events can be an effective advertising strategy for any business. Cleaning services are no different. Customize your marketing messages to reflect the seasonal concerns of clients. Spring cleaning is in April. Pre-winter holiday cleaning is in October. Cleaning to remove seasonal allergens occurs in spring and fall. My New Year resolves to keep the home cleaner.

Your services will seem more urgent and timely if you use seasonal messages. A cleaning service is beneficial to homeowners all year round. Sometimes, however, you may need to hire a cleaning company to solve an urgent problem. For example, ensuring that your house is spotless before the in-laws arrive for Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Use hashtags that are relevant to social

Hashtags are well-known to most people. Do you know how hashtags can be used to your advantage in cleaning service advertising?

Hashtags can be used as a sort of search engine on social media platforms. Search for #SpringCleaning on Instagram or Twitter. You’ll see all kinds of content, including any post that includes the hashtag. You’ll also appear if you use hashtags related to cleaning on your posts.

Use hashtags for your business to reach audiences searching for relevant content. Check out this article for some ideas if you are looking for hashtags that relate to cleaning services.

  • Local print advertising: Make the most out of it

Did you know US consumers consistently rate print advertisements as the most trusted form of advertising? It’s true!

Trust is essential when running a cleaning business. You’re inviting people into their homes so that you can clean them. You might find your team members sorting their laundry or having access to their desk drawer with the checkbook. The only way to seal a deal is by building trust.

Local print advertising is a great option for cleaning service providers. Advertising in local papers not only helps establish trust but also allows you to target the right audience. If you offer a home service, it’s important to know that the people who subscribe to the newspaper are within your geographical area.

  • Direct mailers

Direct mailers, like print ads, are another great way to advertise cleaning services. Why not send a mailer to the homes of people who want your cleaning services?

It pays to be creative when it comes to Direct Mail. Think outside the postcard-with-a-coupon box. Send a freebie that is related to what you do. Send a super-absorbent, branded cleaning cloth with a note explaining how it will keep the home clean between your team’s visits.

Send a mailing with advice or tips that only you can provide. You could create a checklist in advance to ensure that your home is prepared for out-of-town families. Include cleaning up in the list. Invite people to call you if they want help with that particular task.

  • Always educate and inform

In any marketing strategy, it is important to emphasize your expertise. But not in an arrogant way. Offer your advice with generosity to potential clients.

Consider your expertise. Do you have a particular type of cleaning service that you excel at? You might be the best at cleaning rugs, caring for antiques, or dealing with pet messes. Share your knowledge with others, no matter where you shine!

Ask me anything about cleaning on your social media channels. Create video content that shows the steps to polishing antique silverware. Create a checklist to reorganize cluttered kitchen cabinets.

Your content will attract attention when you are a reliable source of information. People who are familiar with your brand will start to follow your social media accounts or subscribe to receive regular updates. They also share it with their friends. You remain in the minds of your audience so that when they are faced with a problem they cannot solve themselves, they will call you.

  • Join local groups

Local businesses can benefit from tapping local networks. Local retailers and restaurants are able to engage the community at their physical locations. Service-based companies, however, may find it more difficult.

Online networking is the best way to do it. Many cities and towns have created online communities. Join Facebook groups for nearby towns! If you’re allowed, ask the moderators for their policies on ad sharing.

You can be helpful even if the group does not like direct advertising. If someone shares that their local park has become muddy due to last night’s storm and a picture of their dog covered in mud on their couch, you can offer some cleaning advice.

Often, members of these groups will ask for recommendations for local service providers. You can either respond to a request for a local cleaning service or ask current clients to make a recommendation.

  • Join forces with other home service providers.

I have written about the power of local partnerships. How can you offer package deals with other service providers around your area?

You could team up with local landscapers to offer specials such as monthly lawn mowing, spring cleaning, garden mulching, leaf raking, holiday cleaning, and a special on the holidays.

You could make friends with an organizing company in your area. You can offer a package in which the organizer will calm the chaos of a client’s wardrobe while you clean up all the dust they discover along the way.

You can partner up with a local nonprofit. You can clean out your client’s junk and donate the gently used items to your local Goodwill.

The best thing about partnerships is that they are mutually beneficial. You and your business partner each bring in clients, and you share the revenue. Homeowners get services bundled to meet multiple needs. Everyone wins!

  • Emphasize convenience

Cleaning services are often booked by people who have a busy schedule. They don’t want to waste time booking home cleaning services if they don’t even have the time to clean.

Advertise your convenience. Have you created an easy-to-use online booking platform for your customers? Does your app allow for one-click scheduling? Can customers set up recurring payments?

Your convenience goes beyond the actual cleaning services you provide. The total experience is what matters. Make sure you let your customers know if you offer amenities that go above and beyond.

  • Offers to create habits

You may have heard an old sales truism stating that it costs five to twenty-five times more to gain a new client than to keep an existing one. Cleaning services are a great way to generate recurring revenue. Clean houses will eventually become dirty again over time.

Even if a customer is satisfied with your service, they may not always book again. They may forget to call again if you are not a regular in their lives.

Consider creating advertising for your cleaning services that will encourage customers to return more than once. Offer a discount to people who book multiple cleaning sessions rather than just one.

After five weeks of coming home to a tidy house, people are more likely to book again to keep that calm feeling they get when they sink into their clean sheets after a long workday.

  • Reviews can be used to get more mileage.

Trust is important in choosing a service provider for your home. You’re probably already trying to get a good number of reviews for platforms like Yelp and Facebook. Don’t stop at that–find ways to reach a larger audience with those reviews!

Share them on your grid now and then. Include reviews on your site. Some tools automatically display reviews from your Google Business Profile or Yelp on your website. Incorporate testimonials into your print ads and direct mailers. You can include a testimonial in any advertisement.

  • Marketing campaigns can be optimized by measuring and analyzing their performance.

You’ll need to track the correct metrics to be able to measure your progress towards your goals and objectives accurately.

You could, for example, use benchmarks from the industry, such as our benchmarks for search advertising, to compare the performance of your campaign with that of your competitors. You can use this information to make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your campaign to achieve your goals.

Step up your cleaning service advertising

Cleaning services advertising has to be heavy lifting. Cleaning services advertising must address a number of issues, from building trust and educating customers to motivating first-time buyers as well as reaching local audiences. You won’t see results overnight, but a steady and solid approach, using the many advertising tools at your disposal, will allow you to build a strategy that leaves the competition behind.

Here are our best cleaning service advertising and marketing ideas:

  1. Claim local listings
  2. List your deals on listing websites
  3. Schedule your services online to make it easier for clients.
  4. Advertising in the Right Places
  5. Marketing and advertising tools for service businesses
  6. Keep it Seasonal
  7. Use hashtags that are relevant to social
  8. Local print advertising: Make the most out of it
  9. Direct mail is a great way to reach out to your customers
  10. Always educate and inform


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